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First duck eggs!
Now the question is, are they from my white layers or my welsh harlequin?
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Originally Posted by mojavemike1 View Post

Thank you...I wonder if the speckling will still be apparent as she gets older.


Wow! That's some pretty cool speckling. My olive egger lays a speckled one about every third egg, but nothing like that. I hope she keeps laying those for you
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This one is from Charlotte the sizzle chicken at nearly 40 weeks! I was starting to question her gender
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We officially have a 3rd layer but I have no clue who it is!!
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Congratulations! Wow, that's a big first egg
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Got a first egg from my mixed breed of RIR and Polish... not sure what is going on here because it is a green egg.  anyone know why it would be green with that mix?  I thought I would get white or maybe cream colored but the green was a nice surprise.  Now I

wonder if she will continue with that color.

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I love my first eggs.
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Got our first eggs yesterday (2) and then a green egg (today) the size of the smaller egg from yesterday (no pictures)...



Store bought large egg on the left:


No idea who is laying yet, but we know one of the easter eggers is as of today.

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Another new layer!! My BR's first egg!!

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Assorted Batams -- First Eggs, January 2016

Im not sure what is from who. But I know for a fact that my Rhode Island Red, my Black OEGM and at least one of my Silkies is laying ^_^

Oh and the big one is a store bought egg for size reference. ^_^

Also here is one of the Silkie Eggs. I caught her laying this one smile.png

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