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This is a pure Japanese Green (Versicolor). Notice the golden eye and the bluish color on the shoulder. They are very skiddish. I need to find a couple of hens for my rooster.

this is a very beautifull bird Tyson and lol I feel a kind proud for your sake to keep this species pure, and yes they are very rare in pure form and according to me their are no such pure species down here in South Africa I wish I had pure pair like these one

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Hi there,


I was wondering if anyone in this thread has pure / true Green aka Versicolor Pheasants available?  If not now, I can wait.  I'm willing to buy from anyone in the U.S.  If none of you have any, do you know someone who does?


Thank you very much!

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James pfarr in wa state has all of the true phasianus breeds
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Thank you very much for the referral!  If anyone knows anyone else, please post.  Many thanks!

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