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Runny Chicken Poop

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I'm worried about one of my hens. Her poop is runny and yellow and its been like that ever since I started feeding them grow and developer feed. What is causing this and what should I do?

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Have a look at the poo chart!

Is it ceacal poo?

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It looks like it but instead of expelling it every 8-10 droppings, it's all she poops. No solid droppings.

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Could be nerves, mine do it when panicked. Could be change in diet also. I have given mine cooked white rice, it helps w runny poo

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As long as she seems well in herself & is staying hydrated I wouldn't worry too
much. Different chickens respond to different food in different ways smile

They often produce more runny droppings in hot weather, after a change in diet or after eating a lot of fruit, bread or yogurt. Plus, some just have a lot of ceacal to get out! When mine were younger it took them a few poops to clear it.
I think that number is based on full-sized-poopers! wink

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I found this thread via a Google search for runny poo....

So thought it worth resurrecting.

I have a young girl who drops mostly ceacal droppings. Bit worrying at first, but she has been laying fairly well.
Always perky and spritely. No feeding issues.
Some dropping were pale yellow as well.

That is up until now, she seems lethargic and tired now and is holding her tail down. Now I know that is not a great sign.
(about 24 weeks old now).
She started this yesterday morning and seems off her food, though I have been at work through the day. I will be keeping a close eye on her now as I will be around all weekend.

So yesterday morning she seemed very lethargic/tired with her tail down and didn't rush for food.
Walked about slowly, with her tail down and her head held low into her body.
She did I think lay an egg late afternoon before going to bed along with the other girls.

Her tail was up a bit first thing this morning after yesterdays very dejected stance. So I put yesterday down to  a hard passing of the egg.
But she is still not herself at all (later today).
Her 'latest' poo (just watched her) was just clear watery liquid with a small amount of white fluid in it

All the girls were wormed with Verm-X two weeks ago.

The pictures in the link posted above would suggest that she may have had worms and or egg peritonitis.
That and she may not be eating enough (only been off her food since yesterday morning though).

She certainly can't be too hot... We had a crisp frost here today... Lol....

As I mentioned above. I will be keeping a close eye on her over this weekend to she if she is eating and if she perks up.
Or it's off to the vets to see if they have any suggestions...

Anyone in here experienced anything similar to help put my mind to rest?

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This may sound like a daft question.....

But have many people found the 'poo chart' useful at all?

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Originally Posted by RBRchicken 

This may sound like a daft question.....

But have many people found the 'poo chart' useful at all?


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Thanks for that chart! Intestinal lining had me worried

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My chicken sounded just the same as yours tail down very quiet head pulled into body she also puffed her feathers out a lot. Also she was definatly not too hot as its cold here. Yesterday morning I found that she had sadly passed away during the night. From the poo chart I think it might have been a kidney infection she wasn't interested in eating and once she had died you could see just how much she had been puffing out her feathers. she was only young and hadn't even started laying yet. I had even planned to take her to the vet today as its their first day open since the new year. So I would take her as soon as possible!!

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