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Thanks for all the great advise. :)

There are SO many dogs around here that just roam the street that it's impossible to know which actually did it. In the past four days alone, I've seen four new dogs- two of which actually had collars that I saw. One of those was wounded, so either it was hit by a car, or ****** someone else off by going after their chickens. It could barely walk right, one of it's front legs lifted high with a bad wound and either a really bad puncture wound on it's side/back or a bullet wound. It got through the fence to the other property before I could get to it. I do have it on video (cant really see it much cause it was on my phone) but I got pictures of it earlier today. I'm taking my phone out in hand and ready to record in the mornings when I go outside. I'm worried about leaving my pup on his leash/rope outside during the day while he gets some air, plays and goes potty, cause I think they were trying to get at him. I had to run outside night before last because I heard barking and he was hiding. When I got to him, he was slobbered on where he couldn't have reached. They went after him, so I'm carrying a pistol now when I go out. If they come after either of us, I'm shooting them. Until I get to the sheriff's department, show the pictures of my dead flock and ask what I can do about it, that's all I can do besides run them off.

Thank you for answering! highfive.gif

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If there are that many strays in your area I wouldn't wait until I can get into the Sheriff's station, I would call them each time you see one of these dogs running at large, especially if they also were after your pup and killed your birds, this needs to be reported asap in my opinion, and reporting the dogs being around when you see them will give the deputies an opportunity to come see for themselves what the problem is and either capture or kill the problem animal.  

Go ahead and ask the deputies what your rights are when it comes to killing these dogs, but if one of them tells you that you absolutely cannot shoot these dogs for any reason, I would be very suspect of an uninformed deputy or one who is a dog lover and doesn't think you should shoot them, it is best to root up the actual county or state animal control laws and read it for yourself.  My town doesn't have animal control so it reverts to the county ordinance.  The police aren't always knowledgeable on all the laws especially ones that don't come up every day and some cops are just plain jerks on a power trip who don't want a person to defend themselves.  You might also consider a call to your town chairman or other such ranking official in your area, they should know if your township has an ordinance or if you need to consult county ordinance.

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We had a husky that ran off (really weird for him) and he was gone for two weeks.  Finally got him back and he'd been shot three times, and according to the vet it looked like he'd been limping around like that for up to a week.  If that dog you saw had an injury so bad you could see it from a distance I would bet money he was shot, and since these types of strays have gone after your chickens and even your own dog they are potentially dangerous.  I don't personally think you should even wait for the Sheriff's department to realize what a problem this is.  You are likely well within your rights to shoot them when they set foot on your property since they are obviously a menace, and I strongly suggest you do so.  These dogs have gone after your chickens and after your dog.  While there is no correlation between dogs attacking animals and attacking people, I still wouldn't take the chance.  These dogs may well be dangerous.

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As bad as this sounds, I'd shoot any loose dog on my property if they killed one or any of my chickens. Irresponsible dog owners, either they have to deal with it or I will. It is our property (chicken and home) after all, and damage was done. The owners will need to supplement your loss next time too! somad.gif

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Originally Posted by jasmer View Post

Many rural jurisdictions don't have an animal control department.  In these cases, you call the Sheriff's department and have somebody come over immediately to physically see the damage.  Take pictures so you have a permanent record and write down EVERYTHING, every little detail, on a piece of paper, on a word document on your computer, in a journal, somewhere so you have it on record and will always remember the details, including descriptions of the dogs you saw.  Ask the deputy who comes out what you can do if this happens again, see if you can shoot the dogs when they are on your property.  Most rural jurisdictions will allow you to destroy roving dogs or will at least turn a blind eye to it because they are actually a public health and safety risk.  They aren't just a threat to your livestock, but potentially to you as well.   You don't know those dogs, and it is not your responsibility to get to know them.

The people who lived behind us used to have a bunch of pit bulls.  The dogs were little goofballs, wonderful with people, but harassed the neighbor's dog and chickens, and the owners didn't do anything about it until the neighbors started shooting at their dogs.  That is how dense people are, they won't do anything to solve the massive inconvenience, nuisance, and property damage their dogs cause until YOU become a threat to their precious little puppies.  The neighbor has shown she cannot keep the dogs away from your chickens, so if she still has the dogs or gets new dogs in the  future, this will happen again.  I'm not one to just shoot random dogs I see on my property, but since her dogs have attacked your chickens twice now, she does not need a third warning to keep her dogs off your property.  Next time you see them on your side of the property line, shoot them.  Definitely be sure you can do this legally before you try it, there might be firearm discharge regulations where you're zoned (it does happen even in rural zoning sometimes).

Meanwhile perhaps you can beef up your chicken coop and run with some hardware cloth and skirting, more durable gate locks, etc, might need to raise the fence, I don't know how high yours is. Where I live you can shoot problem dogs in rural areas AND the neighbor would be required to replace the chickens her dogs helped kill.
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I hv a solution that has worked for me. I have a trained 120 lb lovable rottweiler who guards our home and property. She wont let a dogs or strangers tresspass. It works pretty well. She relaxes outside while chickens roam. Love it! Shes gettin old now but can still puff up the line xown her back when she squares up. Neighbors know to respect.
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i heard you can use pepper spray if you can get close enough, a paint gun, or a blow horn. I'll might get a blow horn when hatching eggs are selling :D

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