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I wish I'd paid more attention to this thread, because it would have saved me money!  I made a pvc feeder that came down, made a 45* angle, then had holes drilled in the top of the pipe.  Problems:  1. they wasted lots of feed!  2.  The feed got caught up in the angle and wouldn't fall down where they could get to it.


So, we went back to the drawing board and made this one.  Works MUCH better - feed doesn't get hung up where the chickens can't get to it, and they waste a LOT LESS.

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Word of warning someone just had two chicks die by crawling into one of these.  Someone suggested putting wire mesh somewhere back in there beyond feeding depth to stop them.  It seems unlikely, but who would have thought?

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Is the nipple on the gatorade bottle the same as the one in this ebay link? Looks different but it's also not in use in the ebay pic.
No idea how my post ended up on this thread....sorry.
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Ive taking your advice regarding setting up pvc feeder tubes.. i did two intalled in my run and the girls love them as do i no more daily feeding them and no waste of feeder pellets...thanks so much for idea..i'll post pics from my phone soon...

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Genious! :)

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Im looking into making some pvc feeders and was wondering how many do i have to build for 20-25 chickens?
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I have (3) 4 inch diameter PVC feeders for 12 chickens. I would say 6.

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Originally Posted by Mamachic1967 View Post

I have (3) 4 inch diameter PVC feeders for 12 chickens. I would say 6.
Do you know how long the pipe is that the feed goes into ?
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Ours is about 3 feet long.

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I love this!!!!  Do they make a mess since the food is so level with the edge?  Reading about the others, they mention extension pieces to avoid the mess.

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