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Chickens Galore in Norco, Ca

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Hey guys!


Has anyone visited or purchased birds from Chickens Galore in Norco, Ca? I'm interested in getting some standard and specialty breed layer chicks (welsummer, gold laced wyandotte, easter eggers, ameraucanas, blue/lavender orpingtons, anaconas, silkies, blue hamburg, & blue andalusians). I don't necessarily want all of those breeds but, a few would do. 


Also, I am super open to purchasing these pullets from any other reputable, recommended breeder within the oc, los angeles, and san bernardino county areas (I live in Upland, Ca right now). 


Any information is good information! 

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In addition to BYC, I belong to a group in the L.A. area called Los Angeles Chicken Enthusiasts.  One of the new members there recently asked the same question and a few the members did have some feedback on Chickens Galore. Here is a link the thread.

To see pictures of my small coop, bantam Cochins, my urban garden and micro orchard, please visit my blog,



To see pictures of my small coop, bantam Cochins, my urban garden and micro orchard, please visit my blog,


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Thanks GardeNerd! I appreciate the quick response and the feedback! I definitely need to join the Los Angeles Chicken Enthusiasts. I will keep everyone updated on my experience at Chickens Galore. 

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Any more feedback on Chickens Galore? I'm looking to add to my flock as well - I've been checking into Dare 2 Dream but they sure are hard to get in touch with : ( and vaccinated does seem like a good idea...
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I just got two chicks from Chickens Galore (a little Copper Maran and a Light Brahma). I was passing through Norco after visiting family and wanted to check it out. I was there late so didnt have a chance to go to the back where their hens and breeders are, so I can't vouch for that side of the operation, but the set up for the chicks (hatching to six weeks) was very clean and the birds seemed well cared for and healthy. They had an amazing selection of breeds (including lots of marans) and it took all my willpower to restrict myself to only 2 birds. The two I got are thus far healthy and growing fast (and eager for their quarentine time to be up so they can move outdoors with the rest of my flock.) I have also been curious about Dare2Dream Farms  (definitely a cool website) and would love to visit their farm sometime and see their operation. We did get hens from Blacksmith Corner in Lakewood a few years back, they had respiratory issues and took some time to bring back to health. On return trips I noticed that many of their birds seemed to have similar problems, I hope that they have been able to resolve this.

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Oops I realize that the part of my message about Blcksmith Crner was in response to posts on the other forum that was linked to above.

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Not sure if this is helpful but, I have had great luck getting email responses from Dare2Dream farms.  The one time I left a phone message she called back the same day.  I know they are super busy and run the place themselves.  Every time I have had silly newbie questions Megan has been helpful and patient.  It is pretty cool that they deliver and guarantee their pullets.  The next time I get more chicks I will definately use them. =) 

My 2 cents for what it is worth.

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I am happy to report that all of my birds (french black copper maran, gold laced wyandotte, brahma, blue ameraucana, and brown leghorn) from Chickens Galore started out happy and healthy and have stayed that way since we first picked them up. The owner is extremely helpful and patient and keeps a very clean facility. Sorry I am updating this so late! 

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I have gotten all my chicken here (Easter Egger, Barred Rock and Rhode Island White) and they have been great!!! Not only the chickens, but Russell too! He always calls back to answer my questions and give advice. I have nothing but good things to say about Chickens Galore.

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I have purchased chickens from both chickens galore and dare to dream. There are positives and negatives to both breeders, but they are both pretty solid.

Dare to dream delivers and has a no rooster guarantee. If any of your chickens turn out to be roosters, they will swap them for a hen at no cost. You pay a bit more with them though, since part of how they weed out the roosters is by waiting till the chicks are a couple of weeks old before hey sell them. You also pay 25 for delivery. They are nice people, but since it's just Megan and Jeremy handling everything, you may have some issues with delivery timing depending on where you live. My first order of chicks was supposed to get here around 5pm, Megan called and said they'd be an hour behind. Okay, no biggie. 6 came and went, then 7. I called to see if they were still coming and got no answer or call back. Megan showed up at 7:30 with the chicks and all was well. A little frustrating but not the end of the world. Those chicks are all grown up into beautiful healthy hens now.

I made a second order with them to be delivered the day before easter, and they never showed up. I called to see if they were coming and never got a call back. I finally heard back from Megan a couple of weeks later. She offered to deliver the chicks with no delivery fee and 10% off the chicks. Very good offer, but I had already gone to chickens galore.

Russel is a really honest guy, who runs a clean and healthy chicken business. If you buy from him though, you pick them up, and there's no rooster returns. I bought 7 chicks from him in April. One week in, one of them died from coccidiosis. To be fair, I didn't have them on medicated feed, so that was a risk on my part. Both of my cochins ended up being roosters too. Bummer, but what can you do? The other chickens are all very healthy and happy. He has a really wide selection too. He even had blue laced red wyandottes, which are pretty hard to find. He also offers free vaccinations for your chicks when they are 6 to 8 weeks.

All that being said, I will buy from Russel from here on out.
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