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Dh wants me to have a full list of exactly what it will cost to keep chickens.  I am having a lot of trouble finding out how much their feed will cost.  I want 10 laying hens and I think I want an assortment of brown egg layers.  They will have a run and I plan to let them free range a few hours a day.  We have 8 acres of land.  Just a ballpark guess is what I'm after. 

I looked it up and laying feed in our area is $9.50 for 40 pound bag.

We have 10 hens (large breed-brown egg layers) that are laying, used 50 lbs. of layer feed last month (from mid November until mid December). They live in a chicken tractor.  We pay $12 for 50 lbs. We feed fermented feed, don't know if that makes a difference in consumption or not?  I also have been giving them some barley sprouts now that the green grass is mostly gone.
A 50 lb bag of barley is around $7.00 and lasts a long time.