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Is coconut oil OK..100% organic
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Sure coconut oil is good for lubrication of the vent.

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Prolapsed vent found on one of my girls yesterday. Saw her in the yard looking weird. Checked her but and the egg was stuck to her. By the  time I went to get some supplies, the egg dropped but the membrane/vent around the egg seemed dry.  So I looked up on here and saw what to do but have a few questions.  I isolated her into a dog crate in the garage with some greens and water with electrolytes. I put some towels in with her afraid that shavings would stick to her.


I washed the area with warm water. The vent is sticking out at about 1/2 inch. I put some oil on it. Today when washed the area again and reapplied oil to the area. Vent still out.  QUESTION: Do I really push it back in?   Can I put her on shavings?  Do I treat the vent with anything besides oil. I have lots of honey - my own apiary. She is very alert and wants to go with her girls. Looking at the positive. 




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I had a Wyandotte that prolapsed twice.  Both times I put Witch Hazel on the area and applied Preparation H to the area and, yes, pushed the organs back into the vent with some Prep H on my finger.  It worked.  If you put her in with the flock with the vent still prolapsed, the others may peck at it. I would advise against doing that.

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Ok. Day 3 update. She is in a small dog crate in the garage very comfy.  I pushed the vent back in this a.m. with prep. H on my finger. So far so good.  I will keep her separated for a few days until swelling and redness has gone away and to be sure it doesn't happen again.


Thanks all for your help.  I will keep you posted.


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Irischick, I really pray my advice helped your little one and she recovers quickly. :)

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Cheryl, thank you so much for your helpful advice.  she is still laying an egg every other day. She is alert and eating the greens we put in. I am keeping her isolated still.  Last night the vent was back out. I noticed that there was a piece of poop still really really stuck to the vent. Cleaned that off with warm water. Reapplied Prep H and pushed it back in.  She is pretty mad that she can't go with the girls. So when I am treating her, I am with her for about 1/2 hour 2x day for some company. 

So hopefully it will stay in.  If it doesn't, is there a time limit for it not going back in?


Thanks so much again!!


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 Morning all - As of this morning hen's vent came back out.  I soaked in warm bath, reapplied Prep H and pushed  it back in real good . She is laying every other day.  My concern is that this will be chronic. We are on Day 4 of this. Any suggestions?


Thanks so much.

Iris Chick


PS. Yes, Iris is my favorite flower, hence my screen name.  )

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Hi Irischick, Not sure what to tell you.  I did use the Witch Hazel in the soaking water and dabbed it on the vent with cotton balls; then dried her off and applied the Prep H while pushing the protrusion back into the vent.  If you read online and some of the past posts on this site, you will also find that you can use honey (you stated you have an apiary)  My girl prolapsed twice in a two month period. I really don't know what the time limit is.  I am afraid that it can occur frequently in some chickens once it happens.  If she is continuing  to lay eggs while trying to heal, the straining process only exacerbates the condition.  Also, pooping is a strain.  I did read to feed them less.


Another piece of advice. If there is a way you can keep her close to the flock where they can see her, it will go easier on her when she goes back with them.  When re-introducing her back into the flock, they tend to not be so nice.


Do read some more online and the past posts.  They are probably more helpful than me.  Good Luck!  Raising chickens can be a challenge at times.  We don't want them to be in pain or suffer.



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Well, I have read a bunch of other sites for more info.  As of tonight, the prolapse is improving but is not 100%. She is still eating, alert, etc.  We hung out a bit tonight with her in my lap. What are some suggestions for her to be near the flock but keep her in a dark quiet area?  I would have to put her crate in the run.  Does that make sense?




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