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My poor girl sad.png she saw some chicken food and tried to eat it, but as soon as "what's left of her beak" touched it, she backed away. I'm trying to give her some water through an eye dropper, but I'm not sure if I'm giving her enough. How much water should I give her? I tried giving her some pear sauce through the eye dropper, but she spits it out with her tounge. Her "beak" is in very bad shape, as you can see from the new picture I added. Would putting polysporin on it help? Will her beak heal and grow back? I feel so sorry for her. She seems to be walking around okay, but her eyes are still swollen shut. Thank you all for replying, your comments are greatly appreciated. <3 I'll try giving her mashed potatoes.

If I were u I would be talking to the neighbors u could always call animal control. Do u have a fence or can did she dig under it I know u said u have a chicken fence but that's not he fence that goes around the yard is it