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Most of the threads were doom and gloom.. which brings me to why I felt the need to post this... quite some time later. Over the next few weeks, I...
By startrek4d · Jan 17, 2018 · ·
  1. startrek4d
    I thought I'd share this with the community. Sometimes the chickens don't go into their nests at night and they roost up in the trees, which makes for some pretty interesting nights, running around in the dark, chasing off raccoons or whatever. One night, we heard a ruckus and blasted into the backyard to rescue whatever was out there... Turned out it was a hen that we were pretty sure a raccoon had gotten a hold of. When everything quieted down, we heard her... bruising in the trees, low to the ground. My husband (Bill) found her hanging upside down and quite damaged. We brought her to the light and upon inspection, Bill decided we needed to put her down to save her from suffering. Well, I'm always trying to save something or someone, so I talked Bill into letting her rest through the night and we would see what she looked like in the morning. I wouldn't have tried except that she was perched on the table like nothing had happened... assumingly stunned.. and then she flew to the fence. SO, I was thinking, maybe she'll be ok. After having a closer look, we could see that her beak had been mostly ripped off along with a chunk of her forehead. Needless to say, I didn't sleep that night. I went through BYC searching for information about weather a chicken could live without a beak. She had just barely 2 sticks of a beak left, top and bottom. Most of the threads were doom and gloom.. which brings me to why I felt the need to post this... quite some time later. Over the next few weeks, I fed her anything mushy that she wanted.. The 2 sticks fell off and there is now no beak at all. It's kind of funny, because her tongue whips out like a snake...kinda freaky actually.... But, the point is... she is PERFECT! She eats her feed, scratches for bugs and is accepted in the flock with no issues. I just had to share this. WE almost put her down... It's been a few months and she's happy, healthy and needless to say, always goes into the nest at dusk :)
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  1. The Angry Hen
    She's a beautiful hen and great job not giving up, glad she is alright and God bless. Great article. :)
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  2. Latestarter
    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing and so glad of the outcome!
  3. gander007
    Ho I am so sorry to be reading this and that all the old Post on this subject did not come over when BYC did the big change over last year as there were many story's on this subject including my own and my lady lived for 3 more years and I gave her away when I had a stroke last year so she might still be alive, anyway you are doing everything correctly by giving her soft food for now but in a couple of months she will give you a surprise by eating dry food and acting like her old self ... You have a good strong lady there so take care of her ....

    gander007 :old
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  4. 1TurkenLover
    :thumbsup:ya:highfive::yesss::weeA Humble Heart STANDS :

    Stand when No one else cares, Stand when Others say Give Up, Stand when Common sense says NO, Stand when the weak, broken, forgotten Can Not. Stand with the Others like you, for to Stand is to Say Just try.
  5. casportpony
  6. ChickNanny13
    :goodpost: Amazing save :bow and love the outcome :love

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