1. V

    My chickens were attacked

    Hey everyone, A hawk attack my flock and unfortunately one of them died. They were all in shock around my farm, specially my rooster. Now they are back in the coop and after 4 days of the attack they do not want to leave the coop. They get out when I go there to give them treats but...
  2. C

    Our cat got a chick

    She has a minor looking wound near one of her legs. I’ve cleaned it and put Neosporin on it. It seems to have stopped bleeding. Is there anything else I can do? I imagine the biggest concern is infection? Tia
  3. wonderlandfly

    Who killed my rooster? (GRAPHIC CONTENT Warning )

    My cochin bantam rooster Shadow was suffering from some avian chicken pox, so I went ahead and separated him out in a medium/ large dog kennel where he could get better but not spread it to everyone else. He was in there for like 5 or so days when I went out to go feed all the animals like I...
  4. LizzzyJo

    Lost a lovely hen today :(

    My little Copper crossed the rainbow bridge today. She’s only my second predator loss since I started keeping chickens in 2018. It breaks my heart. I will keep everyone in the run for a while until the hawk has moved on. I free range all day (locked at night) with 17 chickens. This is such a...
  5. briannamonique16

    What predators leave only chicken legs?

    I’m trying to figure out what killed my chicken. They’re free range and we have 7 total and one just got killed. None of the others are injured. All it left was two piles of feathers and it left only the chicken leg with foot. The bone is wiped clean and no blood visible anywhere. What predator...
  6. MyISAbrownhens

    Fox Causing Problems

    So today we lost two out of four of our new pullets. We had a total of nine chickens, 4 new chickens and 5 older. Just two weeks ago, we decided that the pullets were big enough to start free ranging at 12 weeks - especially since they were getting along great inside the coop with the older...
  7. E

    Turkeys possibly attacked, no visible injuries, droopy and lethargic with closed eyes

    Hello all, We are first time turkey owners and have 8 heritage breed turkeys that are about 4 months old. We also have chickens, in case it matters. We keep them in electric netting that is regularly rotated on pasture. They have a tractor for food/water with roosts inside, plus a large...
  8. T

    What killed my turkey? Everything gone except neck and head.

    Does anyone know what predator could have killed my turkey. One of my bourbon red hens was in a bush dead. I have a flock of ten turkeys • Only the head and neck were left, however it was seemingly untouched aside from being pulled off of the body • The feathers were not too scattered, but there...
  9. W

    Predator that eats only the neck but leaves the spine and head intact. Help Identify please.

    We found one of our chickens whose neck was stripped of all flesh and feathers but leaves a naked spine connected to a fully intact head and the breast down was perfectly fine aswell. This is the second time this has happened, the first time was either at night or early afternoon. The one we...
  10. richardadent


    I live in Northwest Indiana, as a child growing up we always had at least 30 chickens , never had problems with Racoons. This year a racoon tore the heads off two hens, didn't eat the hens? I put a trap outside and caught it the next night it actually chewed through the metal of the trap, when I...
  11. Skipper Carnes


    Hey everybody. Just a matter of minutes ago, we assume a dog attacked my hen. We were short of white leghorn hen, and called them to come and feed hoping they were all there after we heard an giant amount of squawking and screaming. About 5 minutes later, out of the same direction, the missing...
  12. DuckDuckJuice

    Odd Egg Predator

    We’ve had at least three pairs of mallards visiting our yard/ducks for the last few weeks. They swim in our pond and hang around most of the day. We’ve enjoyed having them around, but I’ve been concerned they might get too comfortable and try to nest here (one of our dogs eats every egg he...
  13. Fangeddeer

    Mystery small predator!

    I woke up today to find out 3 of my 1 month olds were gone. And there were very small amount of feathers. I did find what looked to b a gut, wing, and some feathers attached to a skin in a circle n some other feathers outside but very little. The hole wasn’t that big, since I have a door...
  14. A

    Free-range chicks disappearing and becoming wobbly

    I have 5 - 10 week old egyptian fayoumis and brown leghorns chicks who free-range. I've heard these breeds are suppose to be great free-rangers but some have died without any sign of sickness, attack, or anything. I let them roam around when I'm outside but if I turn my back for a few minutes...
  15. Keeper of Flocks

    Greetings! New member introductions >

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I have kept chickens for over a decade. I was in my early twenties. (2) How many chickens do you have right now? 21 (3) What breeds do you have? I currently have 6 ISA Browns, 3 Welsumers, and 12 Pearl Star, all females I have...
  16. B

    What kills chickens but leaves the entire body

    I had a flock of seven chickens but today I looked outside and they were all dead. I found five of the bodies and was able to bury them but I’m missing two but I don’t know what would kill the entire flock and leave most of the bodies completely intact? We’ve had a hawk recently going between my...
  17. Launchpad

    Otter in the duck pond

    So a few months ago my father thought we had a nutria in the pond, based on the tell-tale bubbles from swimming underwater. I had never seen it This morning I saw our bit it seems to be a Texas River otter I know they are predators but have never dealt with one. The ducks are all large...
  18. R

    Chicken killed

    Hey there, we just had a chicken that got killed. Photos attached. Was it a hawk? Also, we had 8 girls, 4 went to the coop and 3 ran off. We found one under our deck. Was silent and still and we'll hidden. Will the other 2 come back if they are alive? No signs of their feathers. Can we eat her...
  19. Olive_Egger

    Poll for those who have had chicken deaths

    I just lost all of my birds to a mink. In the past I’ve also lost hens to foxes, one even died from a mysterious disease. I’m curious to know what other people have had the most trouble with. Select any of the things below that has killed a chicken of yours!
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    Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light (Pack of 4)

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