1. G

    Stories of chicken running away?

    Never thought this would happen to me but 3 days ago one of my hens ran away from home. I went looking for her and she was at the end of my street on the wall. A loud noise startled her and she jumped off the wall. Unfortunately, on the other side of the wall is a 30 foot drop (around 9 metres)...
  2. OrlandoMama

    A pair of ravens are hanging out by my chickens

    It started with just circling and then landing in the distance. Now every day a pair of Ravens are standing about 20ft from the coop just watching the chickens and they’re getting braver. The used to fly away as soon as they saw me but now they don’t care. I’m very nervous. Should I be worried...
  3. L

    Third Chicken Gone

    I live in southwest Louisiana, in the country with forest around us. This is my first time raising chickens. They were 2 yrs old. Something just started killing them a few months ago. I started out with 7 now I only have 4 left. This predator only kills one at a time. We only see feathers, no...
  4. Crazy Duck Lover

    Thinking back on a past attack

    So I had a duck flock already established since 2016, and in 2018 I hatched out more ducklings. I believe it was like 10. Anyway, I ended up integrating, and moving them in with the rest of the flock at my pond, which was fenced off in chicken wire (that was a mistake! they took it down real...
  5. Samantha Stevens

    At what age are Emu chicks fox-proof?

    I have 3 emu chicks., they're 3 months old now, and live outside. But at the moment we're putting them in the large* chicken run overnight to protect them from foxes. I live in the south of the UK, so foxes are the only predators that we have to worry about. At what age are they safe from...
  6. MissGreenJeans

    NC bears?

    Hi, chicken folks! :) My chicks are getting bigger by the second, and I’m getting their new coop ready for the transition to outdoor life. I have hardware cloth to bury and to use as a skirt, I’ve got a Chicken Guard door and a sturdy coop connected to a welded wire run. I’ve also got some...
  7. H

    What Could Steal a Big Rooster With no Evidence

    I just lost my Big Brahma male. 8-10 lbs. No trace- no feathers or blood, at least where I can see. My dad found a very skittish female by herself hiding close to roosting time. My only guess is he chased something off into the woods, where he got got, because I can’t imaging him going out...
  8. Anime2lover

    Hawk stole a young chicken! How to deter them?

    We have dogs and kids that are outside almost constantly in our yard with our free range chickens. We've had hawks all the years we've lived here and never once have they bothered our flock. But lately they seemed to have lost much of their fear of that. Exp, just a few days ago I'd just culled...
  9. T

    Do grown up Emus have any predators?

    I am considering getting a couple of Emus for a while now. I have plenty of space where they could roam around. The only issue I have that sometimes I may not be able to close their coop at night. So I am wondering would automatic door work well with Emus? Or might they decide to sleep outside...

    Predator protection ideas

    I have two wonderful Pekin ducks and my dad came up with the idea of using tomato cages to deter flying predators with. I thought the idea was a good one and my ducks love having the extra protection
  11. All4Eggz

    Something stole 11 of our chicks. Any ideas of what it could be?

    Hey everyone. Thanks in advance for reading my post. Sunday of last week, we were putting the chickens to bed, and forgot about 1 of the broods. They were outside in the chicken run inside an enclosed cage area. Apparently there was a little opening on top and next morning we come to see that...
  12. M

    Eggs Disappeared

    I had 15 hens a 3 roosters. I’ve not lost a chicken out of this flock until this week. We let them free range all day and in the evening they coop themselves up, we count and feed them and lock them in. We have a nice coop on concrete flooring and a solid wood structure and it’s big with...
  13. Joyfillednomads

    Predators & Small pre-built coops

    We've had predators come through, sadly & tragically lost our ducks, they didn't want to go into the 'shed' aka little barn aka coop at night. Do predators just knock over these small pre-built or flat-pack or assemble yourself coops?
  14. AMaggio

    Warning graphic, what predator killed this bird?

    Came out to put the chickens away and found one of my bantams dead, inside out. Im thinking either hawk or owl but I'm not all that experienced with predators. Any thoughts?
  15. Turnips

    Wild Turkeys + Young Pullets

    Hello. I have some young (~9 weeks old) EE pullets, and this morning I looked out my window to see that their coop was completely surrounded by wild turkeys. All my girls went inside the coop, but it made me worry that the turkeys might attack them. Pre-chickens, we have had wild turkeys charge...
  16. E

    Bantams in the yard

    How do bantams do in the yard? I have two that have only ever been in the coop/run (they are only 8 months old about). But now that the snow has melted my two buffs want to get out and hunt for bugs and things. The buffs know not to go into the neighbors yard (they have dogs and unfortunately my...
  17. F

    Cable tying mesh to wood as temporary measure

    Hi all, I'm constructing a new 16' X 6' walk in run from Pressure treated (tanalised) timber (C24). I want to paint this wood but I've been advised to wait at least 6-8 weeks to allow any moisture to escape from the wood before I paint it. My hens arrive in 3 weeks time, so I want to build the...
  18. tielie135

    best guard animal for lynx?

    hey so on my farm i have been loosing ALOT of ducks to lynx in the last few months (20 ducks all female except 1 drake dead in 2 months due to lynx) now that the lynx are gone (4 different individuals) we have another hawk hanging around. i am fed up with lynx and with the very few ducks i have...
  19. divineangel94


    I have a fairly large coop that does stand off of the ground. We have had mice find their way in through one very very small hole. We can't get hardwire cloth. Both the big door and ramp door have two locks on them and the coop is inside a large dog kennel which both is right next to my bedroom...
  20. P

    Intruder last night

    Hey guys I had my first predator try to get into my coop last night. I’m assuming it was a raccoon but not exactly sure. I wasn’t able to sink hardware cloth around my run on the outside because of there being way too much rock and stone. Can I put hardware cloth on the floor of the run and...
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