1. Sammjochan

    Wacky wing on my 4 week old male american buff gosling

    Hello everyone! I have a quick question about my 4 week old American Buff Gosling. We got them 3 weeks ago, and they are very well and happy, but my male gosling (Liam Geesan) has, what I think, is an under developed wing. I heard about angel wing, but I don't beleive that is the problem...
  2. BeanBoy

    Injured Pekin feet/toes

    I noticed that my Pekin duck has been walking a bit funky, but I put that off thinking it was because of all the mud from there being so much rain recently and she’s always had issues with one of her legs being turned slightly inward. But today I noticed her sitting away from the others and when...
  3. L

    Swollen Toe Joint in Chicken

    Barred Rock Hen is ~2 years old. Otherwise a very healthy chicken. Swelling is firm, she is able to walk but favors her good foot. Pad looks clean and does not appear to be bumblefoot. Any thoughts on what this could be?
  4. A

    Large bump on chicken’s wing

    Hi everyone, My chicken has developed a large bump on her wing. It started back in the winter when they were confined to the coop/run but since about March, they’ve been free range all day every day. My other chickens do tend to bully her a bit so I thought maybe it started when they were...
  5. buffy-the-eggpile-layer

    Injured Feet - Bandages? Leg Mites? Ideas?

    Hi all, Our poor 1 year old GLD just bounced back from a pretty severe case of tandem bumblefoot (bottom of both feet. After surgery and with lots of R&R she bounced back beautifully. Of course, upon being back outside for her first few weeks she ended up scraping the tops of both feet pretty...
  6. J

    Chicken Attacked By Groundhog [Help/Advice needed!]

    Hi! So recently, my chicken Macchiato was attacked by a groundhog. She's not in shock, but on the rebound from the injuries. Today is the 7th day I have checked up and studied her. So far, her injuries amount to: A blind eye. It's extremely swollen and yellow puss is coming out. I've tried to...
  7. B

    Mother duck won't take injured duckling back!

    Hello everyone, I'm in desperate need of some advice, I have 2 grown Muscovy ducks (a mother and father) and their 7 ducklings who are 5 weeks old. Our situation with our ducks is somewhat unique: We raised the parents from chicks and though they eat/play and hang out on the farm during the...
  8. L

    CHicken Attacked by wild animal!! Need help!!

    My rooster was attacked last night and it injured his head really badly. He has been acting sorta weak, not like himself and is moving slower. He also hasn’t been crowing which he does a lot. He’s still eating which is good but I’m afraid he might be blind in one eye because he isn’t opening it...
  9. First Time Chick Owner

    Injured Chicken

    My 4wk old chick was attacked by my dog 3 days ago. We think that she's in shock, but she has only been sleeping and drinking for 3 days. She is motionless, and only drinks a little bit of water a few times a day. We don't think that she has internal injuries, but she seems like she's dying.
  10. B

    Hen sounding weird

    Hi, my bantam Silkie chicken started sounding weird today (video included) and I have no clue why. She have eaten apple, pear, her usual food and some tomatoe this week. Could it be the food that's wrong. Or has she swallowed something. Either way I gave her some antibiotics. It would be nice...
  11. Socialdistancechicken

    I have no idea what to do

    Hi I have a 4 week old turkey. Yesterday she was all fine and normal walking around and today she has one leg that bends the opposite direction idk what to do I'm separating her from the others shes not crying in pain or anything shes walkingish eating and drinking. When I held her to look at it...
  12. mrsgrif12

    Injured 5 Week Old Chick - Maybe blind

    Alright guys I need some help! One of our chicks got hurt last night and I’m not sure how. I think she may have shoved her head through the chicken wire of their coop and injured herself pulling it out but it’s just a theory. Anyway, this happened a little over 24 hours ago. I’ve got her inside...
  13. Zain Hadi

    Wing problem

    Today I see this on my chick wing it's just on one wing and the other wing is fine... What is it ? Should i take it seriously ? Or it's nothing to worry about ?
  14. KaleDaDuck

    My female quailis being injured by my male quail

    Iv'e seen my male quail mate with her but every time they do so the feathers from my female quail gets pulled and now he pulls on the skin Ouch... Is this okay or should i do something?
  15. mikehh

    Infection? Help!

    I noticed a weird scab on my Delaware pullet today. I cleaned it up as best as I could and bandaged it. Once it was cleaned up, I could see the scab was dead skin, and underneath was irritated, infected looking skin. Here’s some pics: The wound extends a bit under the skin, like a pocket. I...
  16. D

    Does my duckling have a niacin deficiency?

    I was looking at other posts and I saw that my duck might have a niacin deficiency. But I wanted to see if I’m correct and this is what it looks like? (See video link at bottom!) It’s legs are fine, and it can move them very well and strongly, it just can’t seem to keep it’s balance! His head...
  17. DandyAndMahi

    Male Ducks Fighting

    I bought two ducklings from tractor supply 6 months ago and they’re fully grown now. Both of them turned out to be male and i believe that one of them is a Welsh Harlequin and the other is a Khaki Campbell. I just noticed that they’ve been fighting each other and maybe trying to mate with each...
  18. Yucky_ducky_kentucky

    Injured Swollen Leg Emergency!

    I have a 5 day old baby chick with a swollen leg. Started to limp today and is getting worse. Just got back from the emergency vet clinic. They didn’t know what was wrong and told me to go to a bird specialist vet. I’ll post pics. Please, does anyone know what’s wrong with it and what I should...
  19. P

    Hawk attack - swollen eye - help!

    Hi everyone, We had our first (!) hawk attack yesterday. I usually let the chickens free range in my backyard, which is in a suburban area. At about 2:30, I heard some loud clucking noises and turned around, and saw a hawk clutching one of my 4-month old pullets (she was lying completely...
  20. EastTeaxsChickenMimi

    Broken Wing at Joint! Need An Article or Link to reference

    Five month old cockerel found outside of coop injured. Unsure if attacked at this point. Feathers matted but no puncture wounds found. Wing not functioning. There is blood trauma under the skin at the elbow (?) joint but the bones are not attached . He can move wing and the lower half looks...
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