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Elizabethtown , PA

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I am an urban homesteader who would like to change my boroughs ordinance about allowing us to have chickens in the borough. I would love to get support from others in this area who feel the same way to try to change the ordinance. 

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Welcome to BYC!

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Hi Katie! I'm also in Elizabethtown. I just got a few chicks and am trying to figure out housing for them when they are fully feathered. I'm so upset that the Burroughs doesn't allow chickens, but I'm planning to house them out in my shed. I think we need to do something about these ancient laws. Ironically, my shed used to be a chicken house when it was built. Do you have a plan for trying to change the law?
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My name is Shawn Ann and if your planning a petition for allowing hens within the borough count me in.

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