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Just want some advice from you guys my hen has a very raw back and i was thinking of buying her a hen apron that will protect her from the roos, here is a pic I want to know your opinions on this
Hi guys I need help!!!! its almost chick-season and i need some pointers on broody hens! i already got a orp sitting, i am going to kick her off the nest until warmer weather. but just to be safe and ready i need to know if i should make a broody coop, isolate broodies, change thier feed, ect... all info appriciated orpluvr
Plymouth rocks are sneaky ladies. they layed eggs behind our solar panels and they exploded EWWW!!!! PU just cant brake her . our other one is a little slow she spins in a circle when she is nervous thus her name Spinner
I have a 6-day-old Jersey Giant chick that I bought from a Southern States. I have noticed that her poops have red blotches in them. I have dissected one of the poops and found that the red blotches seem to be flakes of some sort. She is housed in a brooder with 14 other chicks of various breeds, 8 of which are 6 days older than her, but they all get along fine. She is acting healthy and alert as the others. I feed them medicated chick starter. I'm just worried that its some sort of disease...
they are the sweetest birds in the world. (well at least one of my two are. ) she is an angel of the chicken world !!!!
My 3-year-old Plymouth Rock hen is wheezing and gasping for air. I looked down her throat and there are no abnormalities or blockages. I looked at the opening of her trachea and there seemed to be a small tear, but it wasn't bleeding or discolored. We do have a rooster, and I'm suspicious that he might of broken one of her ribs while mating and it punctured her lung. It started today, I'm sure, because last night she was completely normal. She didn't want to roost in the coop. There is a...
If any of you have pointers for the winter. please share them with me.I got my chooks this spring so i haven't experienced winter with them is appreciated.

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