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Hen Castle My husband builded a hen house our what we call our hen house Well my Granddaughter Dominique she is 4 she when she saw what Papa was doing her asked " Papa are your making a Castle for your chickens " so now we call it our Hen Castle so I guess we have Princess ( our Chickens ) You have to love the minds of young girls [URL][/URL]
Today 2011-04-29 My hubby and two of our granddaughters and myself went to Golden Mills to pick up 2 Leghorns and 2 Plymouth Rock, The girls were so excited went we walked in there were so many chicks to see which one are ours LOL they were so cute ( and my grand babies to) My youngest Grand baby never use to be afraid of chicks but now she is in just a matter of 10 weeks since our other RIR came in Now we have 6 Rhode Island Reds ( now 10 weeks old ) 2 White Leghorns , 2 Plymouth Rocks,...
I bought 6 Rhode Island Reds and I don't know if the Pullets or Roos , I tried to take pictures and put them on my page but I'm not every good [URL][/URL]
I think I have 5 RIR'S and 1 Hen , today I saw a real RIR Hen she was 8 months old and she didn't look like my Hens than I was thinking I bet I have Roosters . This is Chickadee I think/hope she is a Pullet [URL][/URL]

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