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Ponygal12's Page Ok, I'll admitt it. I know very little about chickens. But I'm willing to learn. I currently do not have chickens. My friend, DragonHatcher, has inspired me to get some. Her chickens are the friendliest chickens I have ever met. Anyways, I'm a farm girl and I love to work outside. I lease an Arabian mare. She is 18 years old, but surely does not act her age. Here's some pictures of her. Not the best pic!
HELP!!!! I want chicken's desperately! But my parents aren't to keen on getting them. If we did get some, my dad would half to build a coop, run, ect. I would be almost totally responsible for them otherwise. Of course we couldn't get them right now because it's winter. I was hoping we might get some in the spring. Basically waht I'm saying is, I NEED HELP CONVINCING MY PARENTS!
We're getting chickens!!!! Yes! We ordered 6 pullets on April 21. They are suppose to arrive on May 20-21. I can't wait! We ordered 2 Buff Opringtons, 2 Barred Rocks and 2 Hew Hampshire Reds. I'll keep you updated with pics! We plan to build the coop in late May.

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