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Loony Bin

This is our second coop here on The Ozark Funny Farm. It's 10' wide x 15' long and is made almost entirely from reclaimed materials. I did barter some labor for the siding and I will say that it took 3 times as long to build. It sure wasn't pretty looking at big piles of scrap lumber and metal roofing for almost a year, nor was it much fun removing hundreds of nails and screws, turning 2'x6's into 2x4's and piecing smaller boards together to make something long enough to use but we think it was well worth it. By the time it's completed we will have spent less than $400 on it! We've seen buildings about this size go for over $10 thousand! Anyway, we checked out post after post and picture after picture on this site and watched hours of YouTube videos for ideas and tips before starting and incorporated some that we really liked, as well as a few of our own. We sure hope you like what we have made and maybe, just maybe find a little inspiration in our journey.

MikeyJoe, Sep 16, 2015
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