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    Gosling with unabsorbed yolk sac

    It's definitely too late now to absorb on its own. The gosling is still very active and healthy, also pooping normally. The yolk is still about pea-sized, just kind of shrivelling and getting drier.
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    Gosling with unabsorbed yolk sac

    Does no one have any experience with this? The gosling is still quite active and seems healthy. Yolk looks mostly the same, little bit smaller and dry. Part of it looks a little black but I think that is dried blood as there used to be a red part. Hope it's not necrosis. I really don't know...
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    Gosling with unabsorbed yolk sac

    I have a gosling who just hatched, all on his own, very enthusiastically at that, and he still has around a pea-sized amount of yolk remaining. It's very small, but it's a little dry and doesn't seem to be absorbing anymore. What should I do? As it's so small, what are his chances? I put some...
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    Have you ever hatched grocery store eggs?

    I got them from a regular grocery store! But yes, free range. And they were brown eggs, but yellow chicks. I have no idea what they were, however... I also gave them away rather soon, but they were just white chickens. Very flighty though, not friendly compared to most chicks I've hatched. But...
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    Please help me: Every chick dying during lockdown

    I just wanted to point out that I turn 5 times a day when I hand turn and believe me, 3-5 times is not excessive. Many incubators turn every hour. Turn an odd number of times a day so that the eggs do not sit on the same side each night. Nothing wrong with that. When people have problems...
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    Have you ever hatched grocery store eggs?

    I hatched eggs from the grocery store, but the were labelled "free range". I found that 10/12 were actually fertile (or at least developed to some extent), but I only got 3 chicks from those eggs. I believe being very cold for quite some time had something to do with that.
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    Strange, Extremely Large Air Cell?

    Yeah, I've had similar things happen to shipped eggs, but never that severe. The air cell is basically on the sides at this point. I think Pete may have written some things about hatching eggs with abnormal air cells but I'm not sure where to find anything on that. But definitely, it is due to...
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    Duck eggs day 25/26

    I've heard that bantam ducks will hatch in 26 days. Good luck.
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    Day 17 lots of movement, Day 18 no movement & aircell is quite large......scared!

    The chicks will stop moving for a while once they are in position to internally pip. And then the air cell will grow quite a lot, often slanting. This is perfectly normal and exactly what you would want to see. For chickens, by the way, I usually like my humidity to be at 60-65%. I find 60% is...
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    Goslings & duckling hatch VIDEO :-)

    That was actually very beautiful. I love the effect you used with the feather falling, and also, the music.
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    What Type of Gosling is This?

    You could try vent sexing, I did last year as a total novice and with young ones, especially day olds, it's pretty easy. (Male geese have penises, so that makes it easy to tell!) Maybe someone could offer some advice on that. It's difficult to explain without showing. But I think I found this...
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    Veining in egg...what is going on?

    If the veining looks normal, it is likely the embryo is just not close to the shell, and is more in the middle of the egg. I've seen this happen sometimes, it is likely to move closer to the shell in due time.
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    Ok , It's lockdown time...what do I do?

    Hey Ridgerunner, this is a little OT, but you say day 1 of development is technically 24 hours after being set. This makes sense to me and always has but I heard once if you set early in the morning, you should count that day as day 1, so that is what I've been doing with one of my most recent...
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    absorbed yolk sack!!!!! HELP!!!!!

    I'm really confused as to what you are doing with the eggs. From your first post it seems as though you are opening up the eggs and taking them out on day 19 because you've read they absorb their yolk by day 19. In my experience, they have not absorbed their yolk by then. They begin to absorb it...
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    Goose Poop

    Make sure they graze a lot or at least get their greens--greens that are dense and high in fibre, not watery; think of dandelion greens and not iceberg or romaine lettuce--and you will find they are a lot less smelly than ducks. Their poop also tends to be more formed. I pretty strongly believe...
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