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    Sour Crop Killing Chicken… any advice?

    He said she had a yeast infection, so I guess it's fungal, but after he drained her there was still a lump in her crop, so that could be something. Her crop is so expanded it is practically dragging on the floor now.
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    Sour Crop Killing Chicken… any advice?

    She has very runny watery poops and I haven't seen her eat anything yet today. I took her to the "chicken vet" (forgot to mention that) and he said it was sour crop so her drained her, but it just filled right back up. I think we might have just waited too long. I was gone for 2 weeks before I...
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    Sour Crop Killing Chicken… any advice?

    My Blue Copper Maran, Paula, has a really horrible case of sour crop and I don't think she is going to make it. I have been giving her nystatin (anti fungal), amoxicillian (antibacterial), and metoclopramide (stimulates muscles, trying to get crop to work). I also have her on a liquidy diet and...
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    ☺This Or That Game☺

    cake. cockroaches or maggots
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    WINNERS ANNOUNCED Official BYC Tudy Coloring Contest Summer 2013

    YESSSS!!!!!! Safari Tudy is ready for action! She is on the hunt for zebras... and worms. Lots of worms. :)
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    for $10 would you?

    I'd do that for free! Wait... I've already done that. Good times. FTDWY Change a grown man's diaper????
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    Still no comb!!

    She could be a little bit of a mutt or a late starter. I have a supposedly "pure bred" quail antwerp belgian bantam that turned out to have a pea comb instead of a single comb. There is a chance that she could have a different type of comb or like others said, be a late bloomer.
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    Hello from Michigan

    Hello Karen! Both of my brothers were born in Michigan! I've only been in the Ann Arbor area though...
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    Boys VS Girls

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    Silver Laced Wyandotte personality

    Just under two months ago I got a mixed flock of seven chicks. One of my chicks is a SLW and I couldn't be happier! She is so sweet and has integrated herself perfectly into my flock. One strange aspect about her is that she enjoys standing on my head... I'll bend down for one second to grab...
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    The Cutest Babies

    #3! How can you resist that fluff?
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    Dumbest Things People Have Said About Your Chickens/Eggs/Meat

    I get this one at least once a week at school: Kid: "OMG! You eat your chickens eggs? You're so cruel!" Me: "Uhhh... Why?" Kid: "You're eating their babies!" Me: "The eggs are unfertalized and I don't let my chickens sit on them so... yeah." Kid: "So! You're still eating them!" This...
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    Whole Foods - Brand X

    Go Boise! Can't believe that worked... go Whole Foods!
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