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    Maggots covering hens bottom🥺

    So very sorry for your lost! It's hard to put down a member of your family, but in this case it was probably the kindest thing you could have done. I, like you couldn't do it. Lucky you had someone who could perform the task quickly and efficiently. Respectfully Andrea
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    Maggots covering hens bottom🥺

    For the future... flystrike is fairly easy to treat if you catch it early. A nice warm bath with a couple of tablespoons of sea or kosher salt. Or table salt if that is all you have. I usually do it in the kitchen sink so I can use the sprayer. A good dollop of dawn dish soap and a generous...
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    What kind of chicken and gender?

    Looking at his neck and shoulder feathers, they are long and pointed...looks like a roo to me.
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    Not sure of this hen’s breed

    She is very pretty. Would be nice to see a photo of her in the sunlight. As far as I can see even her eyes are black. So beautiful.
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    Not sure of this hen’s breed

    There are a couple of breeds that are all black. A Swedish breed and one called Ayam Cemani. I know the later one is totally black, even the meat. The females lay black eggs as well. They are quite expensive. Did you hatch it or did you buy it as a chick?
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    Chicken beeing plucked alive by others. Half the back, tail and base

    As you can see, my little wild child miracle girl is almost naked. A couple of feathers are trying to grow in but slowly. As for her head, that was done almost three years ago and nothing has grown back ....she needs a wig! I live in southern California so I have to take great care to keep her...
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    New Rooster crow dampening, noise reducing device

    I would like three please👍
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    Chicken beeing plucked alive by others. Half the back, tail and base

    She is definitely broody! She was on one egg, hers, but she has been away from the rooster for more than a month, so I gave her another. She is diligently sitting on both in her nest and only gets off for thirty to forty-five minutes a day. She is about six days away from the hatch. Thank you...
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    Help! What breed?

    You sure its a female? Those neck feathers look awfully narrow and pointed.
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    Chicken beeing plucked alive by others. Half the back, tail and base

    Does anyone know how to use duct tape on my hen without hurting her? I have never heard of this. Please explain if you would. Thanks in advance.
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    My Hens tail is down, and she is not eating/drinking

    How is your hen today? She lay an egg yet? A nice warm bath is also good for an egg-bound hen. I would also remove her from the general population. Chickens go to great lengths to keep from showing they are ill. The rest of the flock will attack if they think she is sick. Please let us know how...
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