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    My first candling experience!

    Hen got off and then another hean laid an egg in the nest
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    Boys VS Girls

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    Post you pics here!!!

    Anyone? I'm waiting patently on those adorable and beautiful pictures :)
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    Call Duck Eggs

    Beautiful Calls and would LOVE to have some ducklings, but I live in Texas and don't have a fence :(
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    Day 30

    U take ur children to shcool at 9:00?
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    Share your duck pictures here!

    Cute!!! Love the sand boat pool pics :)
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    Day 30

    Me too---How's the little duckling? Is it ok?
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    Post your pics here!!!

    Beautiful Chuckars Mohammadarshad :)
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    Post your pics here!!!

    Cute ButchGood :) I love it ;)
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    Setting eggs the week of May 7th (Here's to wishing the best this time)!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck all!!!! I just read all of this thread in less than two hours :) Whooo Goodness!!!! I have read soo many good and bad - :( - stories but mostly good :) I love all the pics!!! Post more---Post more :)
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    Post your pics here!!!

    I love all ya'lls turkeys!!! I'm soooo jealous :(
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