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    Plymoth barred rock... boy or girl?

    That isn't switching gender, it would still be female but with male traits.
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    What breed?

    He looks like a hatchery Buff Orpington to me, but he could also be a mix. If he came from a hatchery then he is likely a Orp. If he came from elsewhere he could be anything.
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    Can you identify??

    At nine weeks old, cockerel. You won't see saddle feathers developing for a few more weeks yet.
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    Bluebell vs Prairie Bluebell Chicken?

    I don't know much about bluebells or prairie bluebells. I can't keep up with all these hatchery named crosses. But your Americauna is an Easter Egger. Americauna is another name for an EE. Ameraucana and Aracuana are both specific breeds that has to have certain traits. Aracuana are not a...
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    What breed are theses Cockerels ?

    Black isn't an Austrolorp, but I'm not sure what he is mixed with.
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    Opinions about these Marans?

    I really know nothing about Marans, but I like the first bird best.
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    Cochin hen or rooster???

    Agree with the others, a brahma cockerel. You can tell by the saddle and hackle feathers he has, those are long and pointy. Only males will have these, on females they will be short and rounded.
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    Do you think this is a rooster?

    Pullet, the males look completely different.
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    Any guesses on breeds? 13 weeks

    My guesses, the blue looks to have marans in it, the brown silkie mix and the last maybe game mix.
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    Male or female

    Comb, hackle and saddle feathers and coloration all say male.
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    Dubia worms?

    I raise dubia roaches but have never heard of dubia worms. Google didn't show anything either. Can you post a picture of these worms please, I'm really curious of what they are.
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    Laws on selling poultry meat for pets/captive carnivorous animals?

    I wonder if you'd still need it to be done in a USDA facility if you were to sell whole birds for either reptiles or raw feeders(cats, dogs, ferrets). Many people who raw feed would take whole intact animals.
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    16 weeks Naked Neck

    Cockerel, you can see the saddle feathers coming in.
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    Can you help identify her.

    EE, they aren't a breed though. More of a type. They can look like anything and lay any color egg. Though they normally lay blue or green eggs.
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    Homemade feed: what portion of each ingredient

    I'm going to assume that most of these chickens had a large area to range over. More access to bugs and other natural foods. Birds had more land to find the food they needed, supplemented with whole foods(table scraps). Things today are also geared towards the most efficient and quickest. Look...
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