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    2020 Gosling Hatch-A-Long

    I wish I had seen this thread earlier. It’s been fun catching up. We have 3 White Chinese geese named Kate, Lauren, and Becall...Yes movie names to encourage love ❤️:love Then there is the White Chinese genders named Leopold for Kate,(yeah that didn’t work out), and Humphrey for Lauren and...
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    I just hatched my first goose egg!

    News from the incubator room!!! It’s been a month as of yesterday. Ms Looney turned a month old 🤗 On her month old birthday, 6 more brothers, sisters, and cousins from the Toulouse crew hatched. The incubator room is all a buzz ❤️😘 Ms Looney is not taking it very well AT all. But during our...
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    I just hatched my first goose egg!

    She took 2 days after internal pip!
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    Coronavirus, Covid 19 Discussion and How It Has Effected Your Daily Life Chat Thread

    On the flip side. Thoughts and prayers to those caught up in all this and praise for the blessed who are indeed fortunate enough to live off the land and help those friends and neighbors who can’t help themselves. I believe it’s called being neighborly and kind. We can’t do anything but speak...
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    Coffee Club

    How is it I’m just coming to the knowledge of a coffee club here ? 😳
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    Welcome. You’ve come to the right place GrammaMickyMouse! You can find answers here for just about anything.
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    Hello Chicken Peeps! Let me introduce myself.

    Welcome to the gang! Pull up a chair and chat more. CuTe pictures. 🤗
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    I just hatched my first goose egg!

    Thanks. I’m a bit biased myself. Of course I am with everything I hatch. ❤️
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    I just hatched my first goose egg!

    I had to tell someone 🤗😬🤗 Now is it a Chinese or a Toulouse? Who cares!! 🙌🏻🐣🙌🏻 It’s out if the shell and alive 😂 :wee
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    Duck Identification Please

    Man you guys are quick! Our internet is rather slow with storms passing by. You’ve been life savers. I’ll let her know. And remind her she needs to join here. Thanks. 🤗
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    Duck Identification Please

    A dear friend of mine got these for Valentines Day. I’ve got Muscovy’s so I’m not much on identification for her. But I do know where to go for help 🤗 Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated. They came from Atwood’s. I’m not sure what they get. Thanks in advance guys 👍🏼❤️
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    Toulouse geese

    You know, when we brought home a scrappy Chinese Gander for the ladies during winter, when he and Sandi tied up for spots to sit next to the girls...we really should have picked up on that!! 🙄 The walk of shame is on us 19 grandkids later. Goodness sake 😂😂
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    Toulouse geese

    We’ve got two breeds, Chinese and Toulouse. I thought the Chinese were the only ones laying until the other day. All of the sudden what we thought to be a pair of Toulouse boys named Tango & Cash, started laying eggs 😳 So that leaves us to wonder as first year geese owners, is Sandy the larger...
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    Is a guard goose worth it?

    The noise from the geese I think is what keeps them protected. The Lavender Orpingtons tend to stick close to the gaggle. That roo has the most girls. The other 2 breeds like the forest edge. Once the gaggle matured our predator loss diminished greatly. I’m not saying the geese protect them...
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