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    Silkies - They’re simply SPECTACULAR!

    Thank you, she is a house girl, she lives in my art studio in the winter and a play yard when the weather is nice, most of mine go 6-8 years, so she is breaking records here
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    Silkies - They’re simply SPECTACULAR!

    So i lurk too much lol but what are your oldest silkies? This is eloise, 12 years and besides blindness in one eye going strong
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    ***OKIES in the BYC III ***

    well i think genetics has something to do with it, breeder vs hatchery, both she and her roo are that age, but most of mine go to about 7 years, so they are really unusual for me, but i have a friend who has a 14 year old. So i really am not sure if they are just longer lived. Silkies are a...
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    ***OKIES in the BYC III ***

    good idea! We used to have get togethers, I am in Muskogee, I am not on herw alot, i am on facebook more. i have a mixed flock, one lonely duck drake that could use a few girls, but i don't want them hatching lol haha thats how i lose them. My favorites are still silkies, not sure if Betsy is...
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    Lone Silkie (Marek's) - introducing vaccinated hen(s)

    I would test her for mareks, send a swab here, for $20 you will know if she is a carrier. If she is then get vaccinated birds. Mareks gets the blame for alot its not. Under ten months, it likely wasn't mareks, it takes that long for symptoms to be in evidence. Other things with similar symptoms...
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    Silkie 10wk old, last one left, lethargic

    i would bring her in, do you have corid? i would treat for cocci, no vitamins while treating, if you don't have corid, get her on a few ml of milk to protect her intestines until you get corid, it is an emergency treatment, to get her through to getting corid. Corid is 1.25 ml per cup water...
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    Hi everyone, i have a friend in need of a silkie pullet or hen up your way, she lost hers and the other hen is grieving, do you know of reliable breeders near Ft Wayne
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    Help Pullet can't walk.

    Mareks is a common assumption, but there are alot of other possibilities, get a fecal done, you can mail that in, or get a vet to do it. Other causes are parasites, even cocci can do that, so can a mite infestation. Vitamins deficiencies. Those are some things to look at. I have a mareks...
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    10 mon Silkie savaged by rooster (pics)

    sent you a pm on treating, how old is the rooster? i'd isolate him till his hormones calm down
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    To cull or not to cull /respiratory illness

    first i would check for any white vent discharge, if you notice it, that is yeast and can cause respiratory symptoms, antibiotics will make yeast worse, possibly fatal. As far as respiratory, no i don't cull, i have a MG positive flock and treat monthly with denaguard
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    Silkie Hatching Eggs in Colorado

    you won't find them sexed, expect 50% roos from hatching eggs, you could buy locally - look for chicks that hold their tail down to be girls like this
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    Wryneck in hatchery silkie

    separate, nutradrench 0.25 cc 4 times a day, get seleneum and E goat gel, peasize drop 4 times a day. You may need to hand feed, pm me if you need help, it takes time to recover
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    Why Do Bantam Hens Crow?

    i know my sebright just wants cuddling, she is a house bird, shes a coon attack survivor and every morning expects some attention, the other girls that crow, not sure why, just how they are
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    Diary of a Crossbeak: Support for Special Needs Chickens and their Keepers

    Is anyone able to take on a crossbeak in southern florida? There is a 2 week old looking for a home, contacted me on facebook
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    Why Do Bantam Hens Crow?

    lol they are characters! i have had silky hens, cochins, seramas, and my sebright girl all crow - some do and some don't
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