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    White Turkeys - GEORGIA - Pickup Only

    *I need to add a disclaimer - the fellow I bought these from only told me they were 'white' turkeys (brilliant!), but they very well could be Beltsville Small Whites, rather than White Midgets, as they are quite large-breasted. Sorry I don't know the exact term to use, but you can see the...
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    Entire Flock of India Blue & Pied Peafowl - GEORGIA - Pick-up Only

    Due to work schedules and elderly parents, we've made the tough decision to sell our entire flock of chickens, peafowl and turkeys. Please e-mail me at [email protected] for availability and pricing. See "My Profile" page: We have an India...
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    Selling Entire Flocks - GEORGIA

    Due to work schedules and elderly parents, I am finding it necessary to simplify my life and have made the tough decision to sell all my poultry. You can e-mail me at [email protected] for availability and prices. Please find lots of pictures of my birds on My Profile page at...
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    Question about nesting and incubation

    Been there...wore that!
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    Eggs are looking Good

    YAY!!! I just hatched 2 chicks yesterday (out of "2" eggs)....I LOVE this time of year! I've got 7 white turkey poults and these two peababies under a lamp...and a bator full of turkey and pea eggs.
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    Who is incubating today?

    I am....a 'bator full of turkey and peafowl eggs. Staggered hatches.
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    A Game of Musical Pens

    Yesterday started out with six 8-week Olive Egger chicks in a "predator-proof" pen. Last evening ended with 1 hawk and 1 tiny carcass in the not-so-predator-proof chick pen. My DH entered the pen with Mama Hawk and rescued the two remaining alive-but-petrified chicks, moving them to a pen...
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    Hatching Turkey eggs..?

    I'm gonna be watching the answers on this one. I've got 20+ turkey eggs in the bator. On the first set of 5 I had only one 1 hatch. The other 4 were developed, just died before they pipped. I must have read the same research as you because my settings are the same. Hope to hear what might...
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    Peafowl Hatching Eggs in Western NC

    Got my first peafowl egg of the season today. W-A-Y earlier than last year - by 6 weeks! YAY!!!!
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    I Don't Speak Turkey...What's She Doing?

    We've just adopted 4 turkeys (2 pair) from a friend who had to sell his flock. TomOne loves to have his head scratched and bumps your leg for attention. TomTwo has decided I am a source of food and treats, so this weekend no more sneak attacks from behind....he's behaving very well now. The...
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    12+ FBCMarans - BUY IT NOW! Price Includes Shipping!

    One dozen plus extras.....French Black Copper Marans from Wade Jeanne line and/or Bev Davis line. Will ship combination or specific line, if you request. Price includes shipping Priority with Confirmation, so that you can track your package. Color of eggs vary per shipment, depending on...
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    Help with pooh stuck on chick.

    Or get a little bowl of warm water and hold it's little bum in the water for several seconds to soften the poo so that it comes off easily. It's a good 'bonding' moment.
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    15+ White Crested Black POLISH - SHIPPING INCLUDED-Buy It Now!

    15+ White Crested Black Polish eggs....I just hatched 13 out of 14 eggs this month. Will ship Priority 2-Day with Confirmation so that you can track your package. We use plenty of bubble wrap and new shipping boxes. Ready to ship. We accept Paypal at: [email protected]; or...
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    Peafowl Hatching Eggs in Western NC

    Mine haven't started laying yet. However, they were a little later than most last year....some folks more 'south' than Atlanta may be getting eggs already.
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