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    Canada Goose Goslings for Sale

    Do you still sell Canada Geese and the other waterfowl. I would be very interested in purchasing. Thanks
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    Ayam Cemani Chicks for Sale

    Payment is via Paypal or Check. Express Shipping anywhere in US is $55. Next availability is May.
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    Ayam Cemani Chicks for Sale

    No chicks until May.
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    Ayam Cemani Chicks for Sale

    We currently don't have any adult birds for sale, but will have chicks or eggs available in April.
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    High Elevation Hatching

    Hello, I was hoping someone out there could give me some advice on hatching eggs at 5,500 feet elevation. Any tips to increase hatch rates? Anything would be helpful. Thanks
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    Ayam Cemani Chicks for Sale

    the heat should be no problem at all. We live in Arizona where it routinely gets over 110 plus and have never had an issue with it. We are in North Central Arizona now (Thank goodness). Ayam Cemani they are VERY tiny when hatched and don't ship too well that small. They are very fragile. I do...
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    Ayam Cemani Chicks for Sale

    Extraordinarily Unique, Reasonably Priced. We have some beautiful Ayam Cemani Chicks for sale. Their parents are directly from Greenfire Farms and were $200 each. These are NOT imitation Ayam Cemani. They are the real deal with VERY beautiful parents. We just don't feel like anybody should pay...
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    Muscovy duck eggs

    I wouldn't worry about two eggs with Muscovies. Do you have any males? If you do, you will have more Muscovies than you will know what to do with before you know it.
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    Adopted Muscovy Ducks

    Definitely a bad male to female ratio. There is no guarantee they will stay around. Just keep feeding them, hopefully that will work.
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    Muscovy Drake or hen?

    Are they full grown? Muscovy drakes are MUCH bigger than the girls.
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    Killer strikes again

    We had the same thing happen when we first moved to the central mountains of Arizona in a rural area. We lost 30 chickens and 4 geese in one night. Whatever did it just left most of the dead bodies where it killed them.
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    Tips for deterring predators?

    Bird netting works well except for when it snows unless the holes are big enough it will get weighted down and rip. Otherwise it's good. Try cinder block around the bottom of the fencing. That works pretty well too.
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    The American Cemani Breeders forum

    What do you keep as a rooster to hen ratio for your Cemani?
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    The American Cemani Breeders forum

    Beautiful birds and beautiful pictures also.
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    Keeping Incubator at Proper Temperature

    Thanks. Maybe I will have to look for a better spot.
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