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    Losing all hope that I'll get to keep my *girls* - tough day

    It gets a lot easier to actually see them as animals when they start to act like it. That'll come soon. Head pecking and all. Do yourself a favor and don't get too emotionally attached. My chickens love love love to free range and are not happy going into the coop at night. They'd rather party...
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    Seattle Area - Barnevelder Hen - Needs new home

    My Barnevelder hen needs a new home. She was born the beginning of August 2016, so not yet a year old. She lays light brown eggs and is currently towards the end of being broody. She does not have any issues whatsoever with my two Easter Eggers that are the same size as her. She was laying...
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    What's normal after passing rubber egg?

    Mine was a fluke. She just started laying and I think that was the cause. What helps me more now...I remind myself that the species survived a long time without worry and someone catering to them. It helps to let go.
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    To add or not to add

    I have two Easter eggers, one Barnevelder and one silkie. The silkie is everyone's favorite punching bag. Right now she's broody so when I take her out she gets picked on. So far no blood and since they free range she usually scratches around by herself and sometimes they are all together in...
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    Silkie being bullied

    I wish I could remember the was on you tube and was part of a chicken video. They talked about different breeds, etc.
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    Hen bullying silkie

    Ok, I like that idea! We will try that suggestion in both of the runs. Hopefully, that will eliminate some anxiety in her.
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    Silkie being bullied

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    Silkie being bullied

    I have seen a video of a lady that thought the silkie was her soul mate. She took him on car rides, to the pool, the store, etc...I laughed when I saw it and having a silkie now, I actually think they make pretty good inside pets. I don't think you're nuts, but I did laugh at the thought of the...
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    Hen bullying silkie

    The coop is plenty big and it sits inside an enclosed run that is at least 80 square feet and leads to an outside run that is about 150 square feet AND they get to roam the yard that is close to .25 acre. The drama starts in the run and some days she is not allowed in the enclosed run. We added...
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    Silkie being bullied

    I was considering that as well.. do I want my blue, green and brown eggs or do I want a chicken that is sweet. Do you have any idea if adding about 4-5 Silkies to my silkie (and letting the others go) would cause drama?
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    Silkie being bullied

    I love the diaper idea! If I didn't have a small dog and extremely agile cat, I would do that!!
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    Are silkies as aggressive as other chickens

    I have two EE and one Barnevelder and one Silkie. I love my Silkie, I only like one of the other hens as far as temperament is concerned. One is bullying my Silkie. I am tempted to let all three live somewhere else and get five Silkies to add with my one. Is that a good idea? Will there be just...
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    Silkie being bullied

    I think I need some popular opinions and wisdom from those who have had a similar experience. I have two Easter Eggers, one Barnevelder and one Silkie. I was told they would all live happily ever after. Ha. The B has decided to make it her mission in life to bully and pick on the Silkie. This...
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    Hen bullying silkie

    Thank you! I appreciate the advice!!
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