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    snow in run

    Aart: Wow, your dedication to shoveling is impressive!!! Maybe a lottery ticket winner is in the future to provide more covered area, but in the meantime, enjoy your exercise!! I assume that you enjoy spring and fall with your chickens more than summer??
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    snow in run

    $2 per egg! You are a brave soul to keep track of the expense. I am worried our chicken grocery bill is starting to rival the cost of feeding our dog, my wife and myself! But you have to admit the thrill of cleaning poop, hanging treats, constantly counting how many and where they are during...
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    snow in run

    Snow load can definitely be a concern. I didn't really consider snow load when I built our coop/run and used 1"x4" rafters and an almost flat roof, sloped mainly for rain to sheet off of. We got about 6" of snow last year and the door was sticking when trying to open it, also the plastic...
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    snow in run

    North Dakota! Yikes, you should really consider a solid roof and something to keep the snow from falling/blowing into their run. We get a little snow, an inch or two a few times per winter so I elected to go easy and cheap. Only one end and one side of the run needed to be protected to keep...
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    Dust Bathes?

    We use half sifted wood ash and half peat moss with a bit of sand added. The plastic kid's pool gets turned over and raked flat about every other day. The girls also use sunny parts of the run on occasion as well.
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    First day at BYC

    Hello, and welcome. We, too have a couple of Orpingtons in our small flock and they are wonderful chickens. You have come to the right place to get answers to ALL of your questions, probably more than you need!!!:D A couple of suggestions, more for those of us that love following your...
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    Every freakin' year this happens

    I think that my topic has about the same relevance to Backyard Chickens as your mail box thread does.
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    Every freakin' year this happens

    Great post. I was wondering how many of you would like to read about my practice program for improving my table tennis game? I have a robot that is more reliable than a practice partner but it doesn't pick up the balls off the floor. I'll try and get some pictures of it to share next time...
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    We are in Oak Harbor. Got our first chicks March of '17 and our lives have changed, a lot!!

    We are in Oak Harbor. Got our first chicks March of '17 and our lives have changed, a lot!!
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    Best cheap run roofing

    We used corrugated plastic roofing from Home Depot and it worked fine UNTIL we had a hail storm. Hail about 1/2" in diameter punched holes which, of course, let rain into the run. Last year we had about 7" of snow on the roof, a bit more than "normal" and the roofing bowed enough to impact...
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    Winterizing Run

    I hope these panels work for you. I put some kind of corrugated clear "plastic" panels on our run March of '17. Bought them from Home Depot and they were ok for the most part UNTIL we had a thunder storm with hail, about the size of a cheery. Punched enough holes in the roofing that I pulled...
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    Winterizing Run

    Chickenthyme:Would be nice to know where you are located? We do not have a big problem with freezing temps, yes we get some, but wind, rain, and a little snow is what we try and keep out of our run. I have been using clear shower curtains as they are cheap. I add some duct tape for...
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    Hello from a newbie

    You are a softie! Congratulations on the start of a fun and rewarding journey. For many years we had some kind of "vacation" place other than our primary residence, a travel trailer in Baja, then a cabin in British Columbia and a demanding seasonal construction business. Finally in '15 we had...
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    Poop Board

    I have v inyl on our poop boards and just take a kitty litter shovel and a plastic coffee can to sweep the poop into the can and deposit in a trash can that ends up in our disposal compost pile. Takes about 2-3 minutes to clean boards and maybe once per month I take them out and wash them off...
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