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    Necropsy pics - help diagnose & learn?

    Oh yes, that was certainly yellow fat globules. In fact, all 11 of these birds were obese and filled and covered with fat. I had no idea until butchering. Thank you for the suggestion of "lash eggs". I had only heard the term once before, but you caused me to go in search of more information -...
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    Looking for some advice- building LARGE run

    You might think it's entirely too much wood, but you might appreciate the sturdiness in a windstorm. If I were you, I'd cut that 24-ft section in half so it's more manageable. Make the 16' sections, and two more 12' sections. Stand one of the 16' sections up, and brace it by attaching 2x4's at...
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    Necropsy pics - help diagnose & learn?

    A few days ago I culled 11 older hens from our flock, and found some freaky things inside these birds: 1. Hen whose cavity was filled with a sticky yellow fluid (like broken egg yolk?), and another filled with water. 2. A tumor, I think - the size of a walnut. 3. Internal egg-laying, in various...
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    Moving long distance with livestock

    I don't know how to move livestock long distance, but I wonder.... do Canadian provinces have laws about moving livestock across state lines, as we do here in the U.S.? It can be very tricky, and expensive if you aren't careful. For example, to take cattle across state lines from Missouri into...
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    Not sure, but it looks to me like wounds from a mating rooster - likely getting a bit too frisky with the ladies in such close quarters, and boredom of being cooped up. The location on her back is where the rooster stands on her back, and I can see bloody area on the left as well, in the same...
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    At 5 weeks, grower feed should be OK. You can supplement with some hard-boiled eggs for extra protein. Or, if you can get some game-bird grower (@ 20-22% protein), mix it with your 16% feed.
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    What to do with non-laying hens?

    We have about 35 hens and 2 roosters, who are giving us only 3-5 eggs a day these days. Molt is over, and they're healthy. Some are 4 years old (RIR and BPR), a few 3 years (americaunas), but most are about 2 years (australorps). It's possible we have some egg-eaters, but I've never caught one...
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    Narrow Coop - Roost Issues - Help!

    It looks to me like your roosting bars are too small (diameter), and too close to the floor. See the second set of pics posted above --- those tree branches are more like the right size, about the diameter of a small child's arm. Also, I'd find a way to make a ramp up to the bars (even just...
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    Cooling and cleaning during processing

    Thanks for this tip!
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    Brooder Questions

    Pine shavings, but not the mini-flake. Chicks may get impacted from eating it. Better than dried grass, as it keeps the litter drier and doesn't mat down and make a pasty mess. Heat lamp purchased or rented, meh, doesn't matter. Just make sure you have extra bulbs in case one burns out. Use red...
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    Help! 8 week old pigs castrated today

    I would, to keep flies off - but not this late and they're locked up for the night. Also, I don't want to excite or stress him (they're pretty wild) - could cause the bleeding to worsen. Hopefully, he's clotted by morning and the blood will dry and flake off. I'll check the wound in a day or two...
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    Split skin on meat birds.

    Update - I put some Neosporin on her split skin, and in a few days it was healing up nicely. A few weeks later, it happened again - but as before, the split healed itself. My Cornish cross chicks never used the roosting bars at all. I took them out when the birds were 8 weeks old. They...
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    Help! 8 week old pigs castrated today

    We received five 8-week-old piglets today, and had all five castrated at the vet. One of them is still seeping blood 8 hours later. Not gushing or running, just seeping - but enough to wet his legs and attract flies, found a little on the grass where he was laying. The vet isn't answering his...
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    Processing Day Support Group ~ HELP us through the Emotions PLEASE!

    My first time raising meat birds - although not the first time I've had to cull and process a chicken. Butcher day is day after tomorrow for our 26 Cornish X, and I'm NOT looking forward to it. It's hard to remain detached when they're the first flock you've raised for this, and even though...
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    Topic of the Week - Integrating Chicks into an Adult Flock

    Just wanted to share my experience with integrating ... in progress right now. I have a mixed flock of 2-yr-old RIR and BPR, 35 hens and 2 roosters. These were all raised together. This spring, I received 29 black australorp and 8 old English game bantam chicks, also brooded together, but in a...
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