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    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media 'Violaceous Mutt'

    That some beautiful iridescent color in his feathers!
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    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media 'My girls'

    Is there anything better than a chicken parade? Only flipping the channel on chicken tv to see what the rest of the flock is up to!
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    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media 'House party'

    I love how curious they are as they stroll around, taking it all in! Soft carpet in a warm house... pretty good deal!
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    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media 'Hospice'

    We do the same thing. Hospice for chickens. Anything to soothe them & make their transition less painful and scary. It's been my honor to be with many when they went home, though some prefer to make the journey up to the gateway alone. Such a beautiful girl!
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    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media 'Hospice Bath'

    Awww, I know that she enjoyed being able to float in the water & feel a little lighter. What a kind gift that was. She was beautiful & obviously much loved. Sorry she had to leave.
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    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media 'Young Hmong Composite'

    Ages ago, I had a dress with some of the most beautiful, black, iridescent feather detail on it. I've always wondered what kind of bird had such beautiful feathers. I'd guess this fella's breed. Though I'd never hurt a chicken to get a feather, I have been known to pick up a discard here or...
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    Wally's Journal - A Rescue Hen

    Awww, good job Wally!! I see Tater in the background & he's proud of her, too, I'll bet!!
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    Tired of fighting.

    I think that it's just random because I had a stunningly handsome Barred Rock rooster who was extremely kind to his ladies, gave us a wide berth in daylight but would gently brush against my legs in the dark coop if the light went out before he made it to the perch. I was always able to pick...
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    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media '5338AB16-CFA1-4AF7-8B7B-E74321A7BDB9.jpeg'

    He is very handsome! I am a great admirer of his symmetry. I know nothing about the standard for breeds, but my eye is telling me that this fella could be a chicken model! Please tell him that I said so, too. And tell him to always be nice to the girls because no one likes a handsome...
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    Comment by 'BarredRockMom' in media 'Wyandotte (Lacey)'

    Ohhhh, she's pretty!!
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    Ended Official BYC Caption Contest 02-05-21 Pic by mymilliefleur

    Spying a tasty cricket, she yells over her shoulder "No, no, nothing's wrong...just stretching my legs." Realizing that some nosey sibling will probably follow her soon, she begins walking faster. (c'mon fluffy egg pants, don't fail me now!)
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    Please help.

    Hoping that all she needs is a little TLC & that she bounces back quickly.
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    Please help.

    Assuming that the he cost of a vet is prohibitive even IF you can find one who can treat your little hen, perhaps try to give her some Pedialyte. When they're not really eating or dy, their electrolytes can get out if whack & then their little systems just go downhill. I'd also recommend some...
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