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    Comment by 'bcmom' in article 'Coopdelisles Chicken Coop'

    Hello from Georgia. I really like your design! Do you have any copies of it?
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    Comment by 'bcmom' in article 'The Palace'

    Hi from Georgia. I really like the design of your coop. Is there any way you could send me your design? ([email protected]) I would greatly appreciate it. My Dad also would appreciate it since he will be helping me build my own coop.
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    Would it be okay if....

    Thank you, proudchickiemom, for asking this question. I was wondering if I could do that with my 3 week old chicks.
  4. Bantams & Red Pullets

    Bantams & Red Pullets

    Bought 3 Bantams & 3 Red Pullets at Tractor Supply Co. on 4/14/12
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    New 4h Chic Mom

    HI, I am a 4H Chick mother as well. My daughter will not get her chicks until the first of May; however, we went ahead and bought 6 chicks from the Tractor Supply Company yesterday to get some practice in since I have never had chicks before. We have 3 bantams and 3 red pullets. I already see...
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    Comment by 'bcmom' in article 'Raising Your Baby Chicks'

    Thank you for this information, esp. the infrared light. I was told that I could use a regular light bulb instead of the infrared light. Last night was our first night with new chicks and boy were they noisy. Now, I know why.
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