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    Dogs and Duck Poop!

    We're still fairly new to having ducks and we have two golden retrievers. They are not ever in the duck pen, however I'm having a crazy hard time keeping them from eating the poop out of the spent straw. No matter where I dump it on the property they find it! Google tells me this is bad. But...
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    Are they really runners?

    Bought 3 ducks from Kijiji. They were my first ducks and I was told they were Indian Runners but they aren't nearly as tall and thin as runners. They are the 3 closest ducks in the photo. Any ideas? Edit: the 3 in the back are Khaki Campbells
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    Injured Duck leg

    Yes, I couldnt find anything out of the ordinary, not even a scratch, it's fairly cool to the touch. I'll get the vitamins and keep him on bedrest. Thanks!!
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    Injured Duck leg

    Hi there! My boyfriend and I are new to ducks (have had them only 3 weeks now) Unfortunately our male 1.5 year old Khaki Campbell got out of the pen as our dogs were also out (the dogs are not used to the ducks and everyone is still separated) long story short I'm thinking he injured his leg...
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