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    Call Duck hatching eggs

    I'm in search of call duck hatching eggs. Hoping to get up to 12 eggs or more. Willing to pay 15 dollars plus shipping. Let me know what you have and pics of parents. I dont care if they are show quality or not. Thank you
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    Silkie Chickens

    blues, splash, and white. I believe are all males, let me know if interested, I live in CT. PM if have any questions. Thanks for looking :)
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    AUCTION: Beautiful white NB silkie cockeral

    where in MA are you located?
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    4 Ducks, 2 Khaki Campbell Females, 1 mix female, 1 Khaki Campbell Drake - Butler, PA

    i'm gonna be in polk pa tomorrow to friday the 9th, do you think during that time we can stop by and check them out?
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    keep checking i know on their website it says theyre starting and when i was in our store they had the set up ready, just no peeps
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    Silkie Eggs - Auction

    oh and my EE are large fowl.
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    Silkie Eggs - Auction

    in my show flock no, in my pet flock there are other pullets that are not silkies, i have EE that are do to start laying hopefully next month, i have a leg horn hen that lays probably every 3 days or so, she's getting to the age where shes not gonna lay. my other silkie hens i'm hoping will lay...
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    Silkie Eggs - Auction

    i only have 2 hens laying right now yes, so far i got 5 eggs, i wrote the date on the egg that they were laid in dry erase marker
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    Silkie Eggs - Auction

    I have5+ any extra eggs from 2 different flocks up for auction. The Auction will end the 29th. Some of the eggs are from my show stock, male is a white, female is a partridge, and some of the eggs are from my pet stock, male a white and female is a blue. All bidding will be done on here, can ask...
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    AUCTION! 8+ bearded and showgirl silkie eggs!

    yes that'd be awesome. we'll be leaving for vacation this friday and be coming back the following friday
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    AUCTION! 8+ bearded and showgirl silkie eggs!

    i totally would have bidded but we're going on vacation next friday
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    AUCTION! 8+ bearded and showgirl silkie eggs!

    ok kool thank you. hope i can win the next one
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    AUCTION! 8+ bearded and showgirl silkie eggs!

    will you have the bid up again? i'd bid but am going on vacation on the 2nd
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