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    Light Sussex pullets. Approx 8-12 weeks old, BIN auction

    Do you still have pullets available?
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    Dealing with Neighbor Dog Suggestions

    chances are the dog would just knock the trap off or knock the can over and the trap would go off without getting him. I had a similar issue today. A neighbors black lab came down and was sniffing around the chickens and wasn't bothering anything so i let my dogs out just to keep an eye on the...
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    two chickens dead....does this sound like a hawk to you?

    i saw a pretty big red tail hawk this morning close to the chickens but no more attacks. I still don't know what attacked my chickens.
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    two chickens dead....does this sound like a hawk to you?

    The pullet that was mostly devoured wasn't very big so i could see a good sized weasel eating the whole thing. I'm hoping its a hawk and not a weasel. I've heard horror stories about how hard weasels are to catch and keep out.
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    two chickens dead....does this sound like a hawk to you?

    we live near a small stream so i've always assumed there are weasels around here but i've never seen one. Do they attack during the day though? i'm not talking about early morning, this attack happened sometime between noon and 2 pm.
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    two chickens dead....does this sound like a hawk to you?

    I had one young roo and a pullet killed today. They were free ranging right in front of their tractor. My girlfriend found the chickens at 2pm and the bodies were stacked on top of each other. The chicken on the bottom was mostly eaten. All that was left was a leg and the hip bone, pieces of the...
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    Free ranging in snow?

    Let my chickens out in the snow. When they get cold or tired of the snow they go back in their coop.
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    ACV, fermented feed and antibiotics???

    Hello all, I believe i know the answer to my questions but i thought i would check on here to see what you guys say. Can ACV be mixed in my chickens water with antibiotics or will the acv kill the antibiotics in the water? What about fermented feed? If chickens are on antibiotic water and are...
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    tylan 50 - how long to inject?

    i've seen baytril knock out coryza in 3 days though. thats some powerful stuff.
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    tylan 50 - how long to inject?

    3 days is usually not long enough. its 1/2 cc injection once a day for 5-7 days or up to 2 weeks if needed. If the chicken is not improving after 4-5 days you can up it to 1/2cc twice a day per doctor brown the chicken doctor.
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    How do yo mix your home made feed?

    I don't mean what ingredients are in it. I mean when you are actually making it and mixing all the grains together how do you mix it all up? I would think buying in seperate ingredients 50-100lb bags you would make at least 100 lbs at a time but thats a lot of feed to try to stir or shake up, so...
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    Keeping hen with chicks in brooder with other chicks

    as a general rule of thumb i would say keep older chicks away from broody hens and hens with chicks, but it all depends on your chickens personality. When my light sussex go broody i can lift them up and check for eggs or chicks and they dont mind. They even let other chickens in their nest box...
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    Ninja assassin attacking my hens ...

    opossums dont normally bother chickens so i'd say its more likely a coon. You are going to hear shoot it with a .22 or trap it. I've never EEEVVVEEERRRR been able to get a coon to go into a live trap but then again my girlfriends dad is a trapper and he catches coons in live traps so i guess i...
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    What predators and pests do you have? And how do you deal with them once you have caught them?

    Foxes, coons, and coyotes are the only thing i've ever had problems with. We have lots of other critters here but they don't cause issues. Snares work wonders for foxes and i've even snared 2 coyotes. The coons always knock down the snares. I caught a coon in my rabbit shed the other night...
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    What would do this kind of damage? UPDATE POST #65!

    i've had A LOT of good luck using snares but whatever it is is not very big because that is a small hole and i doubt a snare would work there. If your dog never spends a whole night inside why dont you just leave it outside all night? I would just put up electric tape around the base and the top...
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