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    antirrhinum, carnation and gazania in flower on Jan 1 - why?

    Had a friend whose apple tree bloomed back in late Autumn. Strange things happen in strange times.
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    Hard Molt

    Based on a couple of similar experiences over the years, I would be more concerned with other chickens pecking at the pin feathers, resulting in bleeding, which quickly leads to a larger problem. It may be best to isolate the late molting bird until she feathers fully.
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    Post your Sunset and Landscape pics!

    Two of my personal favorites:
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    My White leghorn Rooster crowing at 3:00 A.M.

    Mine start up at around 4:00 AM.
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    Changing chicken feed: a horror story

    Chickens are no different than me... put an oatmeal cookie and a bowl of quinoa in front of me and I will eat the oatmeal cookie every time.
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    Rats, rats EVERYWHERE! ☹️

    I have six cats that do a nice job on the rodents but Millie was even better. She would lie under the coops for hours waiting on the next unlucky victim. But as I noted in my earlier post, Millie would eat kittens too so I didn't get cats until after her passing.
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    Rats, rats EVERYWHERE! ☹️

    Millie was a poodle-terrier mix that I had from 2005 - 2016 and she was an excellent slayer of mice and rats. Unfortunately, she liked the taste of kittens too.
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    Rats, rats EVERYWHERE! ☹️

    I had friends at the time that wanted me to do it again so they could watch.... but I declined because with stupid acts can come wisdom.
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    Rats, rats EVERYWHERE! ☹️

    Oh I know it was stupid... :th
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    Rats, rats EVERYWHERE! ☹️

    My teenage boy remedy for getting rid of a couple large Norway rat infestations was to pour gasoline at the entrance of their holes. I would wait a few minutes and then throw a match in one of the holes. By then, the gas fumes had built up in their underground tunnels and would ignite sending...
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    Mice issue...

    My best mice/rat deterrents are Tom, Esmeralda, Kit, Kat, Smooter and Pooter. They have also cleaned up the property of moles and voles.
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    Roof Rats. I can’t remove the food (citrus)

    Whatever you do, don't pour gas down their holes and light it. Take it from me, it doesn't end well.
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    Rooster started humping my TV remote.😱

    I had a West Highland White Terrier once who loved a pair of fuzzy red bedroom slippers. Ole Toby gave them hell.
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    Easy coop/run for bantams?

    The nice thing about bantams is they have small poops. I only have to clean my 8' x 8' bantam coop out about one time per year as I keep the litter about 6 inches deep and dry. There is not really much odor to speak of, even after a year.
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