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    Chicken with hurt leg

    Hi - I’m having the same issue. I know it’s been many years... did you ever find a way through?
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    Introducing two chickens who hate each other

    I’ve had a similar experience to you, I was raising 5 hens when a friend found 2 stray chicks that couldn’t have been a week old, in her preschool yard. I adopted the babies (there was a known flock of babies running around in the area and I figured either I give them a chance at life or the...
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    New chicken momma fr SF Bay Area!

    Hi! We bought a house with a coop in March 2020 and were excited to get chickens right away. We’re totally new to this and this site has been SO helpful. I’ve been referencing for months but finally joined to post a chicken toe injury question. We have 7 chickens, and I love how hilarious and...
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    chicken dislocated toe?

    Widdle is a 15 week old chicken we rescued at 1 week, not sure breed, yesterday I noticed her limping. I’ve always been checking her feet because she likes to lie down in the grass in general, so I’m certain this is new behavior. In looking at her toes one seems twisted , and the joint swollen...
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