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    Landscape Mode Photo Contest

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    Roosters are “technically” not allowed but we’re also not allowed to have more than six chickens and the people down the street broke that rule as well as us so I’m assuming it’s not heavily enforced. I doubt breaking the rules of chicken keeping is a highly dangerous crime. My neighbors are...
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    My goodness it appears I might have a rooster on me after all. Any idea if GLW are loud roosters? I live in a residential area so if they turn out to be a crower I might have to rehome them. She’s not very aggressive so far so we might have a chance, also I heard a person saying he might be...
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    Hey, I got these new batch of chicks and posted her a few weeks ago because I’m not sure what breed AND gender they are. Now that they’re older I hope someone might be able to tell me. My chicks are about ten weeks old now and while I know for sure one is a golden laced Wyandotte, the other is...
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    2 week old OE - boy or girl?

    I wouldn’t make any quick judgements, that one looks close to mine at that age, but she grew out of it, don’t worry
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    Chicks merging

    For now that is the method we are using and they’ve been like this for three weeks.
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    Chicks merging

    It’s been a while since I’ve gotten onto this website, but I’ve seen a lot of websites saying that you cannot mix chickens that are not the same size. We are mixing four full grown chickens and six 7 week old chicks. We sectioned off a piece of our run and have moved the chicks into a smaller...
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    This chicken does not look like a chicken.....

    I would say those look decently similar to my light brown leghorns, but Easter eggers can look very similar xx
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    How Many Animals Do You Keep That Are Considered Pets To You?

    11 pets, (ten chickens one dog) all are my pets, though pretty sure the rest of my family thinks of my chickens as dinner lol
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    Official BYC Poll: The Worst Predator

    Hawks are the worst one for me
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    Light brown leghorns

    Any fun facts on raising light brown leghorns? New to the breed, and I can’t find too much about them online.
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    Black chicken... Australorp?

    Definitely an austrolorp, mine didn’t lay until much later in their lives, don’t worry
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    What kind of chick do i have?

    Barred rock for sure
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    Annual Halloween chicken photo shoot!!!!!

    Pulled out my nice expensive camera for this one, my neighbors now think I’m a crazy person tho lol
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    What gender & breed is this??

    At what time should we be seeing rooster characteristics?
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