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    How much are horses worth in this economy?

    It all depends on the area, the breeding, the training, and the soundness of them as to what price you can get for one or sell one for. They are a dime a dozen around here. You can get horses for free all day long here. If you want one that has some training, has a great bloodline, and is...
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    so i finally tried feeding some raw meat...

    My chickens LOVE raw meat. You should see them fight off the dogs for the deer leftovers after we skin them! LOL It is hilarious. We feed them leftovers of any animal we clean...even chickens! My dogs are also on a raw diet. I do not buy dog food. We raise chickens for them to eat and during...
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    soo whats everyones favorite songs?

    I have a wide range of music I love. Anything from country to classical to rock. Rap is the only music I hate. This is a GREAT song This is my favorite song though.... Good Ride Cowboy (of course LOL) by Garth Brooks...
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    Got some new friends today (Arachnid warning)

    There is another member on here with those. I think she is lovemychickenkids or something like that. Hers had babies. I just can't do scorpions I mush 'em.
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    rain rot on mare

    I tried all the bottled stuff and it would take so long for it to clear up so I started using diluted bleach water. Works 3 times as fast as the medicated stuff. Make sure you brush her good, get all those clumps off and spray the area with bleach water. Works like a charm. I won't use anything...
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    Little Pig! Little Pig! Little Pig!!! You are going to Piggy JAIL!

    LOL yeah, she is a little pig too. Ate 2 big ol pumpkins right by her piggy self! LOL I let her out of piggy jail though. She was oikin' like she was sorry so I forgave her
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    Do you wear a helmet every time you ride?

    Nope, sure don't and would never wear one again. And it isn't just because they are ugly as all get out....I could deal with ugly if I felt safer in one. It makes riding very distracting to me and causes me not to be able to function at 100%. It is more dangerous for me to have one on than not...
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    Another photoshoot! :)

    That last pic is so cute. He was pooped from having his pic taken!!
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    Completely random question for the ladies on here...

    I would have to find a new man with a better name!
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    How many BYCers cannot drive a straight drive (manual) vehicle?

    I know how to but don't have one. My dh prefers them.
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    Do you like my new avatar better?

    I like the running horses one...of course
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    When you have 'one of those days'......

    I take a trail ride down to the creek on my mare. She keeps me sane
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    Wish me luck!!! 20K race in the morning.

    I may be late with this but... wishing you lots of luck!
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    Hatefull rooster free. Central Florida

    I agree with hinkjc too. No place for a mean roo. If you are set on rehoming him then make sure you let the new owners know about his attitude. I wouldn't give him away to anyone unless they were going to kill him and eat him. Good luck.
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    Who else belongs to the 'Hunting Season Widow/Widowers Club'? ;)

    Me Me Me LOL I'm a huntin' widow ~ My dhs nickname is the master deer slayer During season the only time I see my dh is when we are in the bed sleeping. He is a serious hunter. We live off of deer meat though so he has to be in the woods at all times until we fill up our freezers. I go with...
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