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    Broody Hen Thread!

    Hi guys, I have a question about a situation with one of my broody girls. Background -Molly, a Cuckoo Marans/Dark Cornish mix hen went missing for a week or so, I thought a predator got her, but then I saw her dust-bathing one day and followed her when she was done. It was obvious that she was...
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    What did you do with your old hens that no longer lay eggs?

    Old thread, I know. But since it came up in the search I did about older hens, this is my two cents... We have 40+ hens and a few roos, all between 1 and 4 years old. I can't imagine killing any of them for food, but understand that eventually all of the hens we have will stop laying and...
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    What is your friendliest Chicken? What breed is it?

    Very smart! I felt very fortunate that out of the 15 chicks we hatched last year only 3 of them were cockerels. We have over 40 hens, so that was okay, plus they all free range during the day so the girls can do their own thing for a good part of the day. The guys do try to keep them...
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    What is your friendliest Chicken? What breed is it?

    SSH's are usually not that patient, Lol. It's always a gamble, especially with first time broodies, I had one broody who intentionally killed her chicks as they hatched, I only saved one, needless to say I never let her hatch again. You never know how it will turn out, but I love broody hens...
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    What is your friendliest Chicken? What breed is it?

    Thanks! She's beautiful, and the chicks are so cute (of course). I'm so glad to know that there are Hamburgs out there that will go the full term as broodys. I have one that went a couple of days and then said forget it!
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    What is your friendliest Chicken? What breed is it?

    You're so fortunate that one went broody! That's amazing! I LOVE my SSH's. They were the first flock we ever had and, yes, they are all very flighty (All 15 of the original flock purchased as day old chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery, 14 girls and a boy). But... the two that we hatched from...
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    What is your friendliest Chicken? What breed is it?

    I've noticed that the friendliest chickens I have are the ones who see me coming with treats. (AKA - All of them) Actually, the friendliest chickens we have at this point are the ones that we raised from hatching. Of course, breed does play a part. The Silver Spangled Hamburgs we hatched...
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    Arizona Chickens

    We have a problem with bees in the fall. It seems like every year we have them all over the mash because there is a lack of a natural source of food for them and they are attracted to the chicken feed. I haven't found a fix for it, but we do put out several pans of mash fa away from the run...
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    Finish this sentence: "You know you're addicted to chickens when..."

    I always calculate my cooking to include chicken "treats". Lol! I make way more oatmeal pancakes than we can eat on a Sunday morning, darn it... More salad than we can manage for Tuesday lunch, it all just works out. :-)
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    20-week-old pullet...started crowing...Looks nothing like a roo! Help

    Haha, I noticed that. We were actually wanting roos last year and only got 3 out of the 15 eggs that hatched. Always next year, I guess. I have a Dark Cornish hen that is broody for a second time this year and am tempted to set eggs under her again. She hatched only pullets the first time...
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    Blue Andalusian Rooster? (6 weeks)

    Quote: My two BA pullets started laying at 21 and 23 weeks, so it's an individual thing. She looks like she's getting ready for sure!
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    Blue Andalusian Rooster? (6 weeks)

    She's very pretty!
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    Blue Andalusian Rooster? (6 weeks)

    Perhaps I should have been more complete in my statement, the CM rooster was the only male chicken in that pen at the time of fertilization. We purchased 26 day old chicks for this rooster and he was confined to a pen adjacent to the pullets until they were ready for him to be integrated. We...
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