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    Chicken stolen

    So one of my chickens got out and I called the local shelter and they said we can’t have it back basically then tried to get our address to find our other hens (*we have no roosters) but many articles online permitted them. I’m just so angry is there a way I could get her back?
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    Brown clumps of feathers?

    Anyone know what this maybe and how I can treat it, I’m suspecting something along mites but the weather is getting nicer so that might have something to do with it too? She hasn’t lost an appetite and her egg laying is normal, the vent isn’t blocked and seems normal as well as her poop.
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    Scratched eye

    i believe my chicken may have either got her eyes pecked at or she scratched them, I’ve isolated her so she doesn’t get picked on, Ive been giving her electrolyte water by syringe what about food? She doesn’t seem to be able to see the food I put out for her, is there a way to make her take...
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    Hens eyes shut

    my hen who is about a year old I noticed yesterday she would sit in the same spot with her eyes closed and no matter what treat she I put out she wouldn’t open her eyes more then a slit it got worse this morning and she won’t open them even a little will she be able to make it another day so I...
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    Chicken sick/sleeping?

    She also doesn’t seem to have any mites or fleas
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    Chicken sick/sleeping?

    They are all fine and acting normal
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    Chicken sick/sleeping?

    She also sits in the same location every time
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    Chicken sick/sleeping?

    this afternoon I’ve noticed my hen sitting in the run with her eyes closed no matter what treat I put out she showed no interest but I saw her eat her regular food. She also doesn’t open her eyes fully but she also doesn’t want to go into the coop and sleep? Is this a sickness or is this just a...
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    Is this normal?

    My hen has had this stuff in her ear for awhile I think now I was just wondering is it was normal she doesn’t seem to be in any pain and she doesn’t mess with it if you need better pictures I can get them if needed
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    Cold factor in coop?

    So recently we built a pretty a medium sized coop for our chickens enough room to walk around etc. and we have two doors on each side for roaming. But we did not add in a window because we thought that since it’s the winter we wouldn’t want any drafts. This weekend it’s suppose to be well below...
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    Dog Attack; Glue Coming Off?

    Recently my 7 months old hen was attacked by a dog and we took her to the vet and they patched her open wounds with surgical glue but as I've checked up on the wound the glue seems to have come off and the wound is open again is this a big concern or should I continue to treat her with...
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    Bumblefoot question

    Yes, sadly this was the best picture I could get since she didnt like her feet being messed with but as far as I can see their doesnt seem to be any wounds on the bottom on her foot
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    Bumblefoot question

    No, I haven't been able to find anything on the bottom of her foot either :(
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    Bumblefoot question

    My hen recently seems to have gotten Bumblefoot on the top of her foot she wont walk in it and seems very uncomfortable I have been told to take off a "scab" but I can't find one the only one I did find had nothing in it, the other huge bluish bump has no scab I've been putting an antiseptic...
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