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    Culling Baby Chicks for Paintings...?

    That’s so cute. And those are some lovely paintings. Painting isn’t about the finished product it’s about the process, no ones is bad at art everyone just has different styles. Though they are some very nice paintings and those chicks are very lucky (and cute) :)
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    First time faverolle owner!

    They are so cute 🥰 I don’t own faverolles personally, but I would love to own some someday.
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    New member

    Welcome to BYC! I’m sorry you lost your chick. This site can help you with any questions you have :)
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    New Profile Picture

    Very cool 😂
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    New member!

    Welcome to BYC! I also keep silkies and polish (both bantams). Sorry you lost that one chick, I hope the rest make it :)
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    Funny - Two Broody Hens and One Clutch

    :gigWait until you have 4 broody chickens. Then you have the leaning tower if Pisa.
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    What Did You Do Today?

    Hang out with my chickens and get ready to move house. It’s so “fun”.
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    White Silkie, Hen or Roo

    Looking at the comb I’d say cockerel. As much as I am fairly certain it’s a cockerel silkies are the hardest breed to tell so he could be a she and you won’t know 100% until he lays or crows.
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    Things you wish you could say

    Perhaps we should make a movie about silkies who lived over 6 weeks and started murdering all there flock mates ;)
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    This really is a difficult case. Normally by this age cockerels have wattles, though the comb is fairly big a bit to big for a pullet. I’d say like everyone else I’m leaning more towards cockerel. Silkies are hard to tell so you won’t know 100% until he/she lays or crows.
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    Congratulations! It’s always nice to get eggs, even if it’s not their first time :)
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    Things you wish you could say

    Can we talk about this for a sec If anyone can see something in this I can’t please let me know.
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    Ended Official BYC Caption Contest -02-19-2021- Pic by Tre3hugger

    The same thing happened to me. It’s good to know I’m not alone. Sorry to all the later contributors.
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    Ended Official BYC Caption Contest -02-19-2021- Pic by Tre3hugger

    Congratulations @416bigbore! :celebrate :celebrate :clap And congratulations to @gimmie birdies for the most captions. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with this week.
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    New Member - Chickens and Peafowl

    Welcome to BYC! Make yourself at home :)
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