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    Hatch Along - Setting eggs June 7th.....anyone else?

    I just set 36 guinea eggs and the expected hatch date is June 4th. I need to take pics of the guineas I hatched a month ago and a week ago. The week old guineas are pied guineas.. Eva P.S. I also have a baby pekin duck I hatched about a month ago.
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    9 fluffy butts

    and still counting. There was a pip I didn't notice when I snatched these little guys from the bator. The box is from some guinea keets I got earlier this year. Eva
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    I have new baby chicks.

    I'm going get them. I also know I can't open the bator while we are in lockdown. Correct me if I'm wrong. I haven't been here for quite some time now and I don't want to do anything to get banned from the forum. Eva
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    I have new baby chicks.

    Checked the incubator and I have at least 3-4 baby chicks. We are still in lockdown so will have to take pics when I get them out of the bator and into the brooderbox. Thank you yellowrose for the eggs. Eva
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    How many here are actual backyarders vs. Farmers?

    although I live on 3 acres in the country,I'm definitely a backyarder.
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    moving keets to coop

    I honestly don't know how to answer your question. I have at least a bakers dozen of keets and when they are at least 4 wks old I am going to move them out to our barn. We have a pen set up with a brooder house in it and then we are going to put bird netting over the top to keep out other...
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    Anybody like the TV show NCIS? (:

    Yep, I'm an NCIS fan. And I also like NCIS: Los Angeles. Tomorrow night starts the new season for Warehouse 13. Gotta watch that.
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    FrontierVille on FB

    I haven't gotten a spouse yet not sure that I do with the sounds of your spouses. If any one still needs neighbors, I know I do my name is Eva Koontz (email: [email protected]). I'm just starting with building my general store. Eva ps--let me know your from BYC.
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    Baby Timmy, 5lbs 5oz.

    Baby Timmy is a cutie. CONGRATULAIONS on the little guy. Eva
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    PoSt PiCs Of YoUr PLaNtS (DaYLiLiEs,HoStAs,MoRnInG GLoRyS,EcT., Ect.!)

    I put coffee grounds around some of my hostas last fall and this year they are huge.
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    What did you crave when you were pregnant?

    barbeque potato chips with my first. Otherwise I don't think I had cravings.
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    Remember Saturday Morning Cartoons?

    Woody woodpecker, huckleberry hound, mighty mouse, heckle & jeckle, daffy duck, porky pig, underdog, just to name a few.
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    How many Ducks does everyone have.

    3 f/w runners 3 cayuga 1 rouen 7 pekins 463 + 14 = 477
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    Gritsar needs our prayers and healing thoughts, PLEASE!!

    So glad to hear that both of you are home. I've heard that a patient usually heals faster at home in their own environment. but, DH still needs to take it very easy and not rush into anything. Most time a relapse happens. We sure don't want that to happen. As for SD#2, she does really need to...
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