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    @BGeezie - I read someone's post on here that had installed chicken nipples and while the chickens were getting adequate water, they preferred a bowl of water to drink from. Plus installation of the bowl was a breeze compared to the nipples, many posts about nipples from folks on here had...
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    Has anyone used poop board concept and NOT liked it?

    Your poop deck is a great design, very well done.
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    Chickens arrive tomorrow, check out our coop!

    We have 3 Araucana and 3 red star. They took a bit to come out of the henhouse and into the run. 2 50lb bags of feed and scratch fit nicely under the nestboxes. One of the neighbor's chickens comes over to welcome the new girls to the neighborhood.
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    NW Garden Coop ... AKA The Garden of Eggin'

    Nicely done. I love the landscaping around the coop.
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    Chickens arrive tomorrow, check out our coop!

    Hi everyone, Excited to get our our hens in the morning now that our coop is done. Check out my coop page here: Glad to complete this project but it has been fun to see this go from paper to my backyard.
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    Da Chicken Hows

    I've been planning to build a coop for a couple years now and remember seeing the Wichita Cabin Coop as well as some others here that inspired my design. I have a small shed in the back yard and figured I'd hang a coop off the side of it. I laid out cement blocks for the foundation. I...
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