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    Duckling imprinting

    OK, I agree with you about that. It's just perspective. :) I think of hatching eggs differently than eating eggs. :)
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    Illinois Duck Raisers They are bantam. Not useful for too much except laughs. I might have gotten a couple of females so I might get some eggs out of them now. I'll get a photo of the new ones and post it later. This one is fun...
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    Duckling imprinting

    I wouldn't kill him/her, just know that you have to add to its flock. Spend lots of time with him until his flock mates come along. Although - it is super late in the season - it may be a long while before you get another fertile egg if that is your plan. You might be able to pick up a juvenile...
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    Illinois Duck Raisers

    I'm down the street from you, in Tinley. :) Just have 3 Australian Spotted for pets. They free range the back yard during the day and go into a house at night.
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    Duckling imprinting

    The above is unnecessary. Let it imprint on you and when it sees other ducks, it will go hang with them. Duck imprinting is not as strong as perhaps a goose. I have had human imprinted ducks take to their new buddies (other ducks) after hanging out together. They have so much in common - love...
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    Filter for duck DYI pond

    I clean my skimmer out every 2-3 weeks. Weekly in the worst conditions. I almost never touch my bog filter pump which was added after the pond was built. (In the height of string algae bloom - I may have to pull string algae off of it occasionally.) The bog filter pump sits on the bottom of the...
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    Filter for duck DYI pond

    I've managed to filter water and raise healthy ducks in a filtered small pond without ever testing for nitrates (for many many years). I don't add nitrates or nitrogen to the pond. I don't fertilize around the pond. This type of response is what we call "over engineering" (unreasonable levels of...
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    I need a duck deter for my house!

    They are probably bored. (my guess) Can you cover the pink stuff with a tarp or something to protect it? I think officially it should not be exposed anywhere. It's the foam, right? Or is it the fuzzy pink fiberglass? Do they have gravel available to help with digestion?
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    What do you do with ducks during the winter

    I was looking for someone who did this. I suspected it was possible. though I'd agree it may be an exception, not the rule. I run what's called "pipe tape" - to keep pipes from freezing - in the duck pen as a heater and I run aloop around (underneath) their water bowl (coffee can) to keep it...
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    Duck pond

    You will increase the time between drain and refill by a TON if you add a filter of some sort. If you put a pump in the bottom, let it run all the time out to a barrel or structure that is filled mostly with pea gravel, and let the over flow go back into the pond - add some water loving plants...
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    2 drakes and a hen

    Waiting for the gender reveal.... the duck on the right is in question. EDIT: A seven year old drake is not at all the same as a two or three year old drake. He probably has two or three years of life left in him. The greenhead came from Dave Holderead before he retired. In doing a little...
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    2 drakes and a hen

    I appreciate your interest in posting a reply. Thank-you. I also notice that this is the first year you have ever cared for ducks. How many do you have?
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    2 drakes and a hen

    I had a flock of three drakes. After 7 years, a racoon got into their pen and killed two out of the three. We went and bought two hen ducklings. --or so we thought-- It is beginning to look like one of the hens might be a drake. Does the fact that they were nest mates matter? I've seen some...
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    2 ducks (drakes?) fighting

    I had three drakes for many years (no females). They commonly would try to assert dominance each spring and the behavior would slowly improve over the summer. By assert dominance - they'd either get on the back of the other and pin him down -- if the loser was accepting that would be it. If the...
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    Your duck pen....

    Just don't be late getting them into the house at night. We had our pair of ducks attacked by an owl shortly before official sunset time. One was eaten completely, the other survived with two puncture wounds, one on his back the other on his belly. Else put a top on the pen. Additionally...
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