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    Do the worms compost chicken poop?
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    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest—Poultry Art Creations

    That is lovely you should frame it! Very well done and unique I love it!
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    Topic of the Week - Kitting out the Coop

    We are in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario and it’s our first winter with our pet chickens I have a sand floor inside the coop and inside the run. I also put clear plastic over the run to block snow and wind. They seem very comfortable. I have two cozy coop heaters by their perch and only set them...
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    2021 My first season with chickens

    I just wanted to share a video of my first season with backyard chickens. It had been an absolute pleasure. I can’t say more about how much I have enjoyed falling in love with these four little darlings. I hope you enjoy it
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    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest—Poultry Art Creations

    Wow I just saw this thank you so much. I just entered this contest by chance. I’m so flattered considering all the amazing art work that was entered. I love being a part of this community!!!!
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    First snowman

    That’s too funny What kind of chicken is that? The real one not the snow one 😆
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    First snowman

    This is their first winter and they are kinda new to fun in the snow. So we taught them all how to make snowman. Thanks loved it. Next up…snow forts lol
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    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest—Poultry Art Creations

    Beautiful! So talented you could sell those. 😊
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    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest—Show Us Your Flock Photo Contest

    I love my chickens lol Best thing I have ever done…retire and get backyard chickens this past spring. I totally enjoy these four little characters. They love us and can’t get up on our laps fast enough as soon as anyone sits down. So sweet and so tame. Never thought I would fall so in love...
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    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest—What's Your Hobby?

    What’s my hobby Painting This is the squirrel house I made and painted It now hangs on my chicken coop and houses a family of black squirrels
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    Ended Official BYC Mini-Contest—Poultry Art Creations

    Entering the chicken art contest This one of the clay chickens I have made. It’s hand sculpted out of clay and fired in a kiln. I then hand painted it. It sits on my coffee table and gets lots of comments lol as it’s the same as two of my favourite chickens running around the yard, and...
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    They trashed my yard 🤨 lol

    So I knew going into raising back yard chickens that they would damage my beautiful gardens, but I didn’t care I always wanted chickens. For years I talked about getting chickens when I retired. So in April of 2021 my dream came true. See video below But what I did not expect was they would...
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    November 2021 Hatch-A-Long

    show us Pictures as soon as you have some 😃
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