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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol that's what's kind of confusing me too. This is my first polish but I've not really see and red wattles or comb on any of the other polish hens I've researched. The way it stands and acts and the body feathering though don't see roo like to me.. I should just pluck a few feather and send...
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    Don't know what breed or gender you have? Click here!

    My two month old polish.. roo or pullet?
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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Here's a couple full body shots from the other day I'm sad because we love petunia but it looks like petunia will be finding a new home.. and a new name.
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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys do think this is a pullet or roo. It's developing wattles and a couple red nubs above its beak at about 2 months old, but the crest is pretty round.
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    First baby chick!!!

    So excited I got my very first baby chick!! My hen went broody on a lone egg and I thought my roo wa too young to make babies but it hatched and its so cute!! She Is a silkie Buff Orpington mix. She's so cute I wanted to share pictures!! My hen is such a good momma!! I'm so glad she got those...
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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do wattles automatically mean roo for this breed?
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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I believe my polish about 7.5 weeks
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    I have to talk POLISH!

    7.5 week old polish.. what do you think roo or pullet?
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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey guys my polish chick is getting older and getting her (I hope her) crest feathers in. What do you guys think roo or pullet?
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    Not Sure If You've Got A Pullet Or Cockerel? Click Here! Thread 2

    Hey guys. 6 week old polish hopefully pullet.. what do you think?
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    Comb, wattles, and hair. Polish sexing ?'s.

    Hey guys my little polish baby is nearly 6 weeks. Today I notice little like skin tag looking nubs where a comb would normally be at. Would that imply that my baby is a rooster? Or is there a chance still that it may be a hen?
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    Broody Hen Thread!

    Hey guys. My broody hen has been sitting in her lone egg since the 18th. I'm guessing that my hatch day should be around the 9th. I've been reading up on the hatching proccess but most of it is about incubation not natural hatching. Just wondering since I'm getting a little close to hatch time...
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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awh.. I hope that the little one is okay!! Here's the link incase you wanted to read up on it!!
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    silkie sexing

    These are the best pictures I could get tonight of my little Roos face. Yours looks nothing like mine and he's crowing everyday non stop. So I think it's safe to say she's a little girl!!
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    Polish Thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Random I know but since polish are hard to sex and they just hatched thought it might be a cool idea I've been reading up on it recently