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    Natural Antibiotics

    How do you give them the garlic? Just mince and put in their water? Thanks
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    Comment by 'Egg-citable' in article 'Common Chicken Sayings Idioms Other Funny Things We Say'

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To show the raccoon how.
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    What did you do in the garden today?

    I had started some Delecata squash and Zucchini in my green house and trans planted them into the garden. They took off really good but my surprise all the plants turned out to be Zucchini! That's ok I will dehydrate them and make Zucchini chips.
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    :frowI was really glad to get the tip on removing shells on fresh hard boiled eggs. I will make Hash Brown Quiche and make a double recipe and freeze for later.
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    Comment by 'Egg-citable' in article 'Chicken Treat Chart—the Best Treats for Backyard Chickens'

    My girls love corn on the cob along with steak bones (dogs not happy) along with shrimp tails. They had their own surf and turf meal!
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    I have 3 in my flock of 5. They are Frick. Frack,. and Tiny Tina. They are absolutely the funniest things in the world! This morning one got a small worm and was running around the run with the others chasing after. They are very friendly and good layers. I would recommend this breed for...
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    I am new to chickens. Where do you start? My girls are always up to something new. Thanks for your help.
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    Feeding Greens

    My girls did the same thing. This spring I am going to block off a portion of the run and plant a new area. When it gets taller I will open it up and let them have at it. Then on the other end I plan on doing the same thing. My run is not that big but a couple of feet will not hurt. Another...
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    Chicken Nutrition- What Your Chicken Needs in Its Feed

    I have sprouted corn and black sun flower seeds in the kitchen in foil pans. It can be a pain but well worth it as the girls really go nuts for them.
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