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    Lone Chick?

    Are the chicks all the same size as the Dominique? Bigger, or even smaller chicks, can be pretty scary to a lone chick. If they are the same size, (it may seem mean) you can put the chick with the other chicks for a day and night, and it will probably learn that they are not there to scare it...
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    Need help identifying these chicks.

    The small ones are gold laced sebrights, the black one looks more like a cochin mix, and then those reds look to be cockerels.
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    Pullet or roo?

    Has a pretty big comb, but has a very feminine body. Very pretty chick though. I would wait maybe another week or two to be sure on the gender.
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    Silkie Mix?

    100% a black silkie mix, however I have no idea what the mix could be because his feathering is basically all silkie. I'm pretty bad with silkie genders, but Big John looks to be a little more towards the cockerel side. But I have no idea haha
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    is my baby a boy or a girl?

    This one looks like a pullet. If any have a moticibly larger comb, or even a small red comb will be a cockerel. Also, cockerels tend to be more confident then pullets, and have a taller stance with pointed tail feathers.
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    Easter Eggers (11 Weeks)

    Because of the curved and pointy tail feathers. Also Easter Egger cockerels tend to develope red on the shoulders. Pulleys normally don't have that red mixed in with the grey. And it's comb is almost bigger than the red cockerel.
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    Anyone know what this mix is?

    Thank you. Do you know what this color is called?
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    Anyone know what this mix is?

    Yes her tail is very upright. Her wings dip a little naturally, but they dip really far when she runs or is alert.
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    New Chick

    The full grown hens will kill a baby that small. And the chick could die from stress and loneliness if kept completely alone.
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    is my baby a boy or a girl?

    Is that a Cochin or Brahma? Kinda hard to tell from stance, but if it's a Cochin, would prob be pullet. Because of pea comb development, it could be boy if it's a Brahma. But again, hard to tell because of angle. Very cute and pretty chick though!
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    Anyone know what this mix is?

    Seven week old pullet, pea comb with yellow legs.
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    Easter Eggers (11 Weeks)

    both look like cockerels, sorry. The silver one with red highlights is very unusual and gorgeous.
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    HELP! New to chicks - White Leghorn - hen or rooster???!

    The size of the comb alone tells me cockerel, however i have never had leghorns and i know they are a breed with large combs.
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    polish brahma cross anyone???

    Yes they will be fertile, many bantam roos can get the job done on standard hens. Never seen that cross, but feathered legs are a dominant gene, and i believe they will have small crests as well. What are the parents colors?
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