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    What are you baking now?

    Quote: I've made the PW recipe a few times. They are sooo good, and I'm not even a sweet eater. I made the whole recipe, in metal pie tins, and froze all the extras. I found that they do need a longer bake than she recommends when they're frozen. I brought a few pans to work and baked them...
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    chicken grammer question

    Quote: Then it should be a horses stable, rather than a horse stable. Or dogs kennel, rather than a dog kennel.
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    The neighbors new dog.. and a lost leash?!

    Just go get the leash. I see no reason to bring any goodies. They're the ones that should be bringing goodies, in apology for not returning your property in a more timely fashion. And as far as the man card, I see no issue there. At least you didn't poke your wife and make her go check the...
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    Why are K-9 cops so freaky thin??

    Thanks for the compliments I didn't want the hefty price tag either, so I crossed my fingers and bought Axl from a farm in PA. So far, so good. And, while he's not a trained police dog, I have taken him to work with me and passed him off as the dept. K-9
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    Why are K-9 cops so freaky thin??

    Axl is very lean. He's 19 months old, intact and between70 and 75 pounds. He is very active. People, including my husband, always say "He's soooo skinny!" He's not. The vet and I are quite content with his weight and condition. Like someone else said, I think people are so used to obese...
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    concerned for a friend personal safety & $ **update pg 17**

    brings to mind the woman missing in Aruba.
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    Bear visit - I am worried sick - electric fence ideas?

    The firecrackers are a fair enough idea if you witness the bear strolling through. My flock was decimated at about 7 am. I was in the kitchen, I presume, and not looking out the window at the time. I'm not going to shoot at, or blast firecrackers at every bear I see wandering through our 44...
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    Do I worry about the black bear?

    Quote: I don't keep feed in my coop
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    Do I worry about the black bear?

    You never know when it's going to happen. We had chickens for two years, with no problems. We knew the potential was there, but we were lucky. We had seen plenty of bear. That's just the area that we live in. April of this year my entire flock was massacred by bear. The coop itself was as...
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    Any one read this book yet.............

    I listened to the audio version of The Help. It was good. But, the movie looks more like a comedy from the commercials I've seen. While there were some amusing parts, I didn't see the book as comedic.
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    dog surprises officer after being freed from fence (video)

    Quote: Down Badge Bunny, DOWN! (You made me snort my pepsi Red ) LMAO!!
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    Predators during the day?

    Quote: That's awful. I grew up in Jersey. Are you in north Jersey? I saw many black bears when I lived there. They hunt them here, so they are more timid, but there are some up behind the house. Hmm. What did they tear though to get to them? Northwest (Warren County). Tore the door...
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    One summer we were completely swarmed with crows. They never did anything to the chickens, but I never saw any hawks around.
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    Predators during the day?

    the bears slaughtered my flock between 7 and 8 am.
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    Never Thought It Would Be A Bear.....

    Quote: What? Really you are not serious....a bear is not going to rip apart a human's house...come on now. I lived with bears and mountain lions travelling through my yard daily and never ever had one try to get inside the house and eat the chickens in the brooders or in my garage. Come on...
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