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    I recently got the bag kind of fly thing and it might be my favorite $5 purchase EVER. There are about a million flies in it after just a few days. I noticed a HUGE reduction in flies around. I don't mind some, it's outdoors and there is poo and such, but before I got the bag thing it was out of...
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    After breaking a broody

    I also need to know. My Nancy and "The Turken" both are finally back with the flock, acting normal and such. It has been about a week though and no eggs from them. They were my two best layers before this going broody at the same time nonsense. I didn't "break" mine, I tried stuff but...
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    Must the breeds be in pairs?

    I don't know any reason you would need them to be in pairs. I have 5 chickens: Araucana Silver Laced Wyandotte Barred Rock Cornish Rock Banty Turken They do great together. I was told not to mix a banty with the larger ones, but I got her at the same time and place as the Turken and they...
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    nocturnal chickens... (not really, just sorta)

    My chickens are night owls. AND early birds. Whenever I have a need to go out back, regardless of the time, my favorite chickens run down the ramp to talk to me. I mean as late as 1am. Don't they need sleep? They sure are up before 7am. I tell them to get upstairs to bed and they do go...
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    Fence ideas

    The fence I made is working fine. :) Eventually we are redoing the whole backyard with an extended patio and stuff. At that time I'll probably do a more lovely fence, but for now this is perfect.
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    How Many Eggs Did You Get Today?

    I got an egg from WhiteWhite, the one that I said never lays! So I apologize for badmouthing her on open forum. Today is 4/5
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    How Many Eggs Did You Get Today?

    3/5 oddly it is always 3/5 for me, even though 4 of them are pretty good layers. One of them I've never gotten an egg out of although the person I got her from did. I think the chicken hates me.
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    Is this a meat or a blood spot?Please look!

    are they ok to eat? because I've been eating them.
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    Fence ideas

    I got the step in fence posts, they are perfect for what I needed. I used a mix of plastic I bought and plastic I had, so all in all it is a mess looking,but if it works I'm happy! :) I made it nice and big, I hope they are happy. Oddly, the area I fenced in for them, the area right around...
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    Fence ideas

    Yup, we have been lazy and putting treats on the patio... sooo much poo. I'm going to try your idea, that sounds perfect. Just make them a nice area and let them destroy that to their little hearts content. Thanks! Oh and Farmettehopeful: I have 5 right now, but I just got two, the 3 of...
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    Fence ideas

    So my chickens have a small coop with a small run. They get to be out every day all day. But they are tearing my yard up. I mean digging a million holes and generally driving us all insane. It is a chicken wasteland. So I want to put two stretches of fence, connecting to the house and the...
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    Cornish Thread

    Here is our new Cornish. She is just adorable and sweet as can be. I love how thick her legs are. It is her first morning with me so she's still a little shy, but I made sure she got her share of treats.
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    Naked Neck/Turken Thread

    Well this is the best pick so far, she is always moving away from me! She seems to be settlling in nicely with the other girls though. She is LOUD. Maybe she just has a lot to say. My sons have named her Turkster.
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